Not to be rude, but…

Isn’t that U.S. Senator from Hawaii, Mazie Hirono, a complete idiot? A moron? An evildoer? An angry male-hater? A phony? A hypocrite?

This woman has told men to “just shut up!”

Why? So people can listen to her babble and dribble. She has nothing substantive to offer – on any topic. But she does demand that you MUST believe all women accusers.

Even when the accusations come from just one person.

Even when there is no evidence to support that the accusations leveled are true.

Even when there is evidence that shows that the singular accusation is false.

Why does this woman hate men so much? Why would any man ever vote for her? Why would any woman who loves men ever vote for her? Why would anyone ever vote for her?

Hirono has eliminated the phrase “due process” from her dictionary. She has set aflame the constitution. She has initiated a witch hunt-tirade against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, with her MUST believe mantra, in the most ludicrous of accusations. But is it simply because she hates men?

Part of it MUST be.

But part of MUST ne something else. Like money, maybe?

Hirono-Zero has been fundraising off the back of the man she has castigated and helped destroy.

Is Hirono-Zero a full-fledged, lunatic, male-hating demagogue? It appears so. But she’s also a hypocrite.

When her mentor, former Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye was accused of rape by and other sexual misdeeds by several women, Hirono-zero stood by his side – and said nothing. There was no statement of the women MUST be believed. There was no attacks growled by her upon Senator Inouye. There was no condemnation of her mentor at all.

Now, perhaps this was the just and fair thing for Hirono-zero to have done. Perhaps the evidence against Senator Inouye was weak. In any case, her actions then, make Hirono-zero a flip-flopping, idiot, evildoer now. More so, she’s an evildoer no matter what now, and that’s because she’s been a large match starting the fire in the wrongful witch hunt against Judge Kavanaugh. It’s always wrong to assert that a person is guilty when a singular accusation has been made, with no evidence behind it. Just like in Senator Inouye’s matter, Hirono-zero should have stayed silent, waiting to see if there was evidence, before she condemned Judge Kavanaugh.

Temple Li is the news editor for Empire State News, where she frequently authors her own editorials (just because she feels like it). She graduated at the top of her class at a mediocre college, infuriating her professors with her conservative wit and sultry charm. Empire State News allows Ms. Li to make a living, and to have a platform to tell people what she thinks. What could be better than that?