In order to break free from self-sabotage you must do what it takes to break free from any negative spirit, mindset or habbit. There is a limit to how much freedom can be achieved from self help alone in recognizing, understanding and overcoming what lies beneath our self-sabotaging tendencies. We need to find the root of the problem or the block that is preventing us from making the change before we can completely break free.

We are empowered to transform only what we are able to acknowledge and accept. Unconditional love can transform anything. It can be hard for some people to love and accept themselves for who and what they are, no matter what. None-the-less, love and acceptance frees you from guilt and liberates you from limiting beliefs and misplaced allegiances.

As your self questions like, are you standing in your own power? Have you released the need to control, to dominate (or to be controlled, dominated)? Or are you giving your power away to destructive emotions and sabotaging your happiness, peace of mind and success? If you are ready to break free from self-sabotage and to fulfill your potential fully and completely consider some of the ways to be happier and empowered below.

If so, hopefully this article – and the tips below – will point you in the direction of greater personal empowerment and happiness.

1. Recognize and admit that you are sabotaging yourself and your happiness.

The only way to truly break free from a problem, we have first to recognize it, admit it, own it, so we can then work through it.

2. Identify the ways in which you self-sabotage

In this it is helpful to weigh up the pros and cons associated with the different ways in which you sabotage your hopes, plans, relationships, career, etc.

3. Understand why you are sabotaging

Get to the core dynamics of your mind that are the root cause of your pain, suffering and lack of empowerment.

4. Choose to change – be willing to let go and start anew

When change is imposed we tend to resist it, but when we choose to take responsibility for changing, we step back into our own power.

5. Allow yourself to transform

Change is about doing, whereas with transformation there can be a great deal of undoing and reprogramming necessary.

6. Consider Holistic Therapies that could help such as:

Counselling; Hypnotherapy; NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique); TFT (Thought Field Therapy) and Healing modalities that facilitate consciousness expansion.

7. Celebrate each step in freeing yourself from self-sabotage

Acknowledge and reward yourself for each and every success in breaking free from harmful patterns of thinking and behavior.

8. Live in the moment and stay alert

Acknowledge without guilt or recrimination any ‘backsliding’. Work out what led to it then get back on track.

9. Reinforce what works well for you

Mix with and continually seek out like-minded people who will support, not undermine your progress.

10. Help others

What’s worked for you could set someone else free. Wherever possible, share your successes so others know there is hope for them as well.