Recently, I have had the experience of discussing the Presidential election with numerous friends who have placed themselves in the Never Trump camp. Some of them I have mentored over the years. All of them are activist Republicans and most of them professionally successful.

A common theme among them is fear of Trump. Their arguments are not based on issues but emotions and feelings. As the corpses once again start to pile up around the Clinton crime family it is hard to understand a fear of the only alternative.

Part of that fear I assume comes from the fact these people do not understand what is going on outside of their bubble. I am reminded of the opening scenes of David Lean’s great film adaptation of Doctor Zhivago. The royalty and elite of Russian society are shown at a magnificent fancy dress ball. They are enjoying themselves greatly without the slightest idea of what is going on right outside their window until a brick comes through one of them. Then, like the Never Trumpers they have looks on their faces that portray the emotion of, “What is going on here?”

If the Never Trumpers want to know, “What is going on here?” they should read Angelo M. Codevilla’s July 2010 article in The American Spectator titled, “The Ruling Class.” Professor Codevilla’s thesis from six years ago is that most Americans do not believe they are being represented by either major party.

Recent polls have validated his thesis. Two-thirds believe that America is on the wrong track. Even more alarming is that approximately three-quarters of Americans believe that the people in power, the so called establishment, don’t care about them or what they think.

These are pre-revolutionary numbers and as John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Faced with these numbers the Clintons and their campaign operatives posing as mainstream journalists have chosen to make this campaign about temperament. That’s fine, let’s make it about temperament. Does anyone know even one story about Mrs. Clinton doing anything kind or decent? Her main charity is her own which is not really charity in the normal sense of the word. Washington, D.C. is full of stories and books about her throwing things and showing total disrespect to others.

Did we hear such stories from Secret Service agents and military personnel about Nancy Reagan or Bess Truman?

She laughs about getting a forty one year old rapist of a twelve year old girl off with a light sentence, admitting she knew he was guilty.

Twenty years ago respected New York Times columnist William Safire labeled Mrs. Clinton as a “congenital liar.” This is someone who simply cannot tell the truth. Having known people of this ilk I can promise you it never ends well.

This is the kind of temperament the Never Trump crowd want in the White House?

The Clinton campaign is not a campaign in the traditional sense — it is psyops.

To my Never Trump friends I would suggest the following. Look at both candidates’ campaign web sites. Review their position papers. Do a side-by-side comparison and see who you agree with most and make you decision based on reason — not emotion or fear.

Don Todd is Director of Research at Americans for Limited Government. You can read more of Don Todd’s articles at www.netrightdaily.com.