The Division for Historic Preservation of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP) offered the Town of Fishkill an opinion that archaeologists have adequately sampled the Continental Commons soil for Fishkill Supply Depot artifacts.

As part the Town of Fishkill’s SEQRA review of the Continental Commons Site Development Plan and Special Use Permit application, OPRHP recently offered both comments and clarifications to its previous April 21, 2016, letter to the Town.

OPRHP confirmed that the northern and easternmost boundaries of the burial area within the Continental Commons parcel have been properly and adequately delineated, through Ground Penetrating Radar studies and associated archaeological excavations.

“Lance Ashworth recently said if the limits of the burial ground were determined and there was nothing else discovered of note at the site, that he wouldn’t oppose the Continental Commons project. I hope that he sticks to his word,” said Greg Lane spokesperson for Continental Commons.

The OPRHP has no objections to their recommended archaeological field study, of a limited portion of the Continental Commons parcel, being performed after a future Fishkill Planning Board Site Plan approval. Therefore, the project may be placed on the July 14, 2016 Planning Board agenda for continued review and discussion.

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