An undercover investigation by journalists from Project Veritas has gone viral. Pat Puleo and Paul Diamond, president and vice-president of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, were caught on tape explaining how to sweep allegations of child abuse under the rug.

City Council President Liam McLaughlin said, “There is much good that happens in our schools and many fine teachers and employees. We cannot let the actions of a few outshine the hard work and dedication of so many, but we also cannot allow a situation where a cover-up could be directed by City employees to hide allegations of child abuse, use of racial epithets, fraud and theft of honest services in the school system. We feel those responsible should resign immediately.”

A New York Post editorial from June 8, ‘A Teachers Union at Work’ makes it clear that City employees, in their capacity as President and Vice-President of the Yonkers Federation of Teachers, advised “fraud and violations of workplace rules to a man they thought was a teacher who’d hit a student.”

“Beyond the growing national embarrassment this situation has caused, we worry for both the safety of our children and the integrity of the personnel and time & attendance systems and procedures in place at the Yonkers Public Schools,” Majority Leader John Larkin said. “What kind of people would conspire to conceal child abuse and assist in covering up a teacher going AWOL for two weeks without permission?”

A subsequent Facebook live-streamed interview on June 8th by the same investigative journalists with the same individuals has only confirmed that the “theoretical” situation played out in the original video may be a regular occurrence.

The YFT officials have allegedly submitted an apology letter to the Board of Education and could face inquiry from the Yonkers Inspector General. The four City Council members today said that nothing short of their resignations would suffice and vowed not to support a new contract until those responsible had stepped down.

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