With a plurality of voters continuing to say that passing new laws to address corruption is still
the top end of session issue – and 81 percent saying it’s ‘very important’ – 40 percent say corruption is a more
serious problem in the Legislature, while 31 percent say it’s a more serious problem in the Executive branch
controlled by the Governor. While only eight percent say they trust JCOPE most to investigate state government
corruption, and 34 percent say they trust Federal prosecutors the most, 51 percent say they most trust the State
Attorney General, according to a new Siena College poll of New York State registered voters released today.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, with favorability and job performance ratings virtually unchanged over the last four
weeks, is seen as an ethical public official two-to-one, although a near majority of voters say they would prefer
‘someone else’ if he runs for re-election in two years. By an overwhelming 70-19 percent margin, voters support
legislation to allow ridesharing companies to operate in their area, while voters oppose allowing daily fantasy
sports companies to operate in New York 45-37 percent.

“A near-unanimous 96 percent of New Yorkers continues to say passing anti-corruption legislation is important,
with 81 percent saying it’s very important. A plurality of 31 percent say it should be the top end of session
priority for the Governor and Legislature,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg.

“Corruption is seen as a more serious problem in the Legislature by 40 percent, although 31 percent say it’s more
serious in the Executive branch,” Greenberg said. “By a wide margin, Democrats and independents say corruption
is a more serious problem in the Legislature, while by a narrow margin, Republicans say it’s more serious in the
offices and agencies controlled by the Governor. Protestants and voters under 35 also see corruption as a more
serious issue in the Executive branch, while voters from union households are closely divided.”

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