Cedarhurst, NY—Members of the New York Senate Majority, including, State Senators Jack Martins, Kemp Hannon, Carl Marcellino, Phil Boyle, Tom Croci, and Michael Venditto, and Chris McGrath, candidate for the Special Election in the New York State Senate’s Ninth District joined with local elected officials and community members today.

The group gathered in front Andrew J. Parise Park to call on the New York City-led State Assembly to pass legislation that would prohibit state contracting with, or state investment in businesses or individuals that promote or engage in activities to boycott, divest, or sanction Israel.

This critically-important measure would send a strong signal that New York won’t be doing business with companies that seek to harm Israel and other American allies throughout the world.

Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan said, “New York taxpayers should be protected from becoming unwitting supporters of those who are trying to undermine our greatest ally, Israel, and other critical allies. Today, the Senate Republican Majority is once again demonstrating that we will continue to stand with our international partners and protect our shared national interests. The Assembly must join us in this fight.”

“Actions speak louder than words. Over a month ago, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation to prevent taxpayer dollars from aiding those who attack our allies; the Assembly has done nothing. Every day they fail to act is another day they enable others to use state resources to harm Israel. It’s time for the Assembly to join us in making this a priority and sending a strong message that New York State supports Israel and our other allies who have continually supported us,” said Senator Jack M. Martins, the bill’s sponsor.

“The recent announcement of cash for terrorists is just the most recent example of Iran’s continuing sponsorship of terrorism in Israel, here in the United States, and throughout the world,” said Senator Tom Croci, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Veterans, and Military Affairs. “The hard-earned money of New York taxpayers and consumers should not be used to support foreign regimes who mean to do us harm.”

This legislation would expand New York’s law by prohibiting state contracting with, or state investment in businesses or individuals that promote or engage in activities to boycott, sanction, or divest in Israel and other American allied nations. This would prevent the state from becoming unwilling participants in a discriminatory agenda.

The Assembly’s inaction comes at a time when the state of Israel, our strongest and closest ally, is under siege by terrorist organizations and countries that support their destruction.

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