Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, has a reasonable chance of winning the Democrat presidential primary. The alternative, Hillary Clinton, wages a fictitious war of women versus men, sings the tune of the entitlement class and the abominable Affordable Care Act, while being the ultimate behind-the-scenes big bank/big government poster boss. The true conservative Republican voices combatting the aforementioned Democrat ilk (and their unwieldy, derelict masses of foot soldiers) is growing, but the Republicans, alone, are not enough. At least not in the State of New York, where big government is huge, minimum wage is maximum, and regulation is so high it’s causing complete business sedation. Thus, enter New York’s longstanding – and quite conservative – Conservative Party.

Headed by statewide Chairman Mike Long, New York’s Conservative Party openly and unabashedly advocates for the United States returning to be the world’s leader, not a follower as it is trending toward under the ultra-liberal management of Barack Hussein Obama. These conservatives do not seek war, but they are proponents of pushing back our enemies when they assault us. They want to destroy the terrorists (not bargain with them), and wish for a return of full support for our allies, such as Israel. For years, the Conservative Party has warned, in its National Affairs Platform, about the dangers of a nuclear Iran; they have been ahead of the national curve on this issue. Now, the party is livid about Obama’s unconstitutional deal with that Middle East terrorist-harboring nation. With intelligence, conservatives argue for non-lethal tools in defeating tyrannical nations – much the same as the United States successfully employed in the Cold War with the former Soviet Union.

Long, in his “Weekly Wrap-Up” on the New York Conservative Party’s official website, this weekend wrote, “In their debate this week, the Democrats painted a dire picture of America – one where hope and opportunity are all but lost. Now remind me – who’s been in the White House the past seven years?”

Conservatives, rightfully, contest the Obama agenda. The current president’s use of social engineering, prohibitions on Second Amendment rights, anti-life measures, attacks on religious liberties, and wealth redistribution schemes, are infuriating – not to mention immoral – to those in the right. The Conservative Party lays out a complete platform to remediate these harms, which have become increasingly escalated over the last seven years.

In its National Affairs Platform, the party provides, “Today, the most serious threat to our religious liberties once again comes from the Administration. Obamacare forces religious organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, to provide health insurance, which would cover abortions. To force any religion to violate one of its most sacred tenets for the sake of political expediency is contrary to any principle on which our country was founded.”


The Conservative Party also “believes we must reign in the Court. Congress can and should defy the Supreme Court when it wanders into areas where it has no constitutional authority.”

This means that the Conservative Party recognizes the correct rule of law – that there are three branches of government that need to work in conjunction with each other. To uphold the United States Constitution – and not to usurp it. Conservatives have recognized that there are terrific failures in each government branch in this regard. Their National Affairs Platform notes, “Congress has also failed to hold accountable the lawbreakers in the Executive Branch, particularly in the IRS and the State Department.”

The IRS is an unconstitutional regulatory agency, like all of its ABC agency counterparts (DOE, DOD, FAA, EPA, FHA, etc). All of them should be abolished in order to foster greater business prosperity and an economic rebirth. But the president’s administration – instead of seeking to eliminate these agencies – has overused them in furtherance of its socialist goals. And the president has so clearly abused his executive powers, as definitively enunciated in the conservative platform:

“President Obama has destroyed our constitutional form of government through his abuse of executive orders, presidential memorandums and the mishandling of federal agencies—particularly the politicization of the Justice Department and the IRS. He has created a government that no longer respects the will of the people.”

Bravo again.

Locally, in New York, the Conservative Party has consistently been instrumental in affording the additional votes necessary to defeat liberals in close elections. How? Because these people are passionate about the issues – and they work. In 2011, for example, the New York Conservative Party filled the gap and netted the margin of votes needed to ensure that Bob Turner won a congressional seat that had been held by Democrats for eighty years. In 2001, 2005, and 2009, the Conservative Party even saw one of its own members elected in the liberal bastion of New York City: then-Conservative Party Executive Vice Chairman James P. Molinaro was elected the Staten Island Borough President in 2001, and he saw re-elections four and eight years later respectively.

The Conservative Party is making a difference in New York, with goals that are desired for all capitalism-seeking Americans. Such as: stop the minimum wage hikes. And the Conservative Party believes “it is time to close the Department of Education and return all educational responsibilities to the state and local level.”

No doubt – that is sound thinking.

A few interesting recent statements and observations from Long:

“Goldman Sachs and Hillary need no introduction – just look at her donor list.”

“Bernie Sanders’ grip on young voters is depressing – but a natural result of the indoctrination that has replaced education on college campuses.”

“In Washington, Obama is not surprising anyone in his last year in office, especially with a new proposal for tax increases and higher gas prices. The tax hike is being sold as a ‘fee’ that would be paid by gas companies – but the truth is, you and I would be the ones paying.”

“No surprise on immigration, either – Obama has reinstated the disastrous ‘catch-and-release’ policy that is essentially an amnesty for illegal aliens.”

All things to think about…

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