County Executive Steve Neuhaus has had a busy week traveling around Orange County. He spent Wednesday morning in Middletown speaking to students at Twin Towers Middle School about the importance of honoring our veterans and a variety issues that they face, including homelessness. He was joined by Chief Warrant Officer Alan Mack, a decorated U.S. Army helicopter pilot, and Cullen Lyons. Lyons was a member of the U.S. Army National Guard from 2009-15 and served a tour in Afghanistan.

Next, Neuhaus toured the President Container Group (PCG) in the Town of Wallkill as part of the Orange County Partnership Winter Quarterly Project meeting. PCG employs more than 300 people in Orange County and continues to be an asset to the community. It is one of the largest manufacturers of corrugated boxes in North America.

Finally, Neuhaus announced a partnership that has led to eight applications being submitted to the state Department of Agriculture and Markets for grant funding to expand essential farmland preservation in the county. Neuhaus stated, “Agriculture is a vital part of Orange County’s economy. I appreciate the efforts of these property owners and farmers for making this important commitment. It couldn’t have been done without the help of elected officials from a variety of municipalities, who helped advance these important applications, as well as the Orange County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board.”

If successful, this could add 1,058 acres of protected farmland to the 7,100 acres in Orange County that are already protected. Under the Hudson Valley Agricultural Enhancement Program, a unique, one-time opportunity to support farmland here in Orange County has been created.

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