The first human study in the United States using amniotic biologics injected into the penis for Erectile Dysfunction was published this month in the January issue of The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.
The study showed a statistically significant improvement in blood flow into the penis that was sustained at 1 year after the injection. Although the sample size is small, fellow Sexual Dysfunction experts are excited about the results.

The study performed by Dr. Michael Zahalsky and his team included 8 ED patients who received injections of placental derived stem cells and growth factors to promote wound healing, blood vessel formation, and tissue repair in the Corpora Cavernosum.

Dr. Zahalsky has been so happy with his results, he established UroCellZ Research, a clinical research group of 20 Sexual Dysfunction experts from around the United States to focus on advancing research and education in the rapidly growing field of Medicine and Urology.

“It is clear Biologics are the future of Medicine, and it is up to us as clinicians to educate the public and provide the necessary research to advance this field,” says Dr. Zahalsky. “I have been treating patients with Biologics for approximately 4 years, and none of them have gone on to have a penile prosthesis.”

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