ANDREA TANTAROS – One of the naturally brightest cable news personalities, the Fox News Channel host has consistently denounced Planned Parenthood as an “abortion group.” In speaking about this horrific organization – which is taxpayer funded – Tantaros has correctly asserted that it is a “crock” that women will suffer upon PP’s defunding. She has used intellectually-charged dialogue to lambaste this abortion factory, and also fun words such as “ick” when referring to it. She also riles up the anti-lifers when she makes provocative statements such as that the liberal wingnuts are using the recent Colorado PP shooting talking points to avoid discussing “the illegal harvesting of baby parts on the off chance that some lunatic out there might hear that rhetoric and decide to go shoot up a clinic”…Very cool.

PYROMANIACS – are total idiots. Don’t they realize that they can get burned?

ANTI-CAPITALISTS – Total dummies for not realizing that they will be dirt poor, poverty ridden members of a socialist or communist society if they get what they want. Oh, that’s what most of them are already.

TED CRUZ – Quite cool for blasting Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief, Sarah Saldana, at a recent senate hearing. Saldana, trying to emasculate Cruz for supporting the deportation of approximately 12 million illegal immigrants, quipped that most deportations are not practical and not smart – because of limitations on her agency’s staff and funding. Cruz, seizing on her inadequacies, railed back, “OK. It’s not smart to enforce federal law that requires those here illegally to be deported.” Saldana, a former Dallas U.S. Attorney, could only retort, “You’re playing games with words, Senator Cruz.” The Texas Senator, who himself is of Cuban descent, closed the curtain with: “You are not helping the American public by ignoring the law.”

ANYONE WHO REFUSES TO USE THE TERM “ISLAMIC TERRORISTS” – Summed up as either delusional or politically correct losers.

ANYONE WHO IS POLITICALLY INCORRECT – These are people who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and who don’t care what the alleged “elite” (that’s code for “liberals”) think. Love them (us).

DONALD TRUMP – A cool dude for having the courage for, among many other things, sticking to his guns about seeing large crowds of people cheering in Northern New Jersey on 9/11.

MICHAEL MOORE – An oldie but baddie from this boisterous bag of buffoonery makes him an idiot times ten: “How about that McDonald’s is two blocks from Ground Zero? That’s killed more people than the nineteen hijackers.” And Moore is a complete obese slob – does he really hate McDonald’s or is it self-hatred?

BLACK LIVES MATTERS CULT MEMBERS – This is a racist group – period. They become enraged when someone says “ALL lives matter.” Also, any politician who panders to them are complete zeros.

PEOPLE WHO – drink raw eggs in beer, breast feed in public, give all kids trophies regardless if they win, smell because they don’t shower, think Bernie Sanders should be president (or elected to any office), are vegans, are cannibals, and who believe that Al Sharpton is a real reverend – are all complete idiots.

More to come…

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