State of Georgia Leaks Personal Information of 6 Million Voters

by– Django Smith

The Secretary of State’s office in Georgia leaked information that contained names and social security numbers of over 6 million individuals, reports CBS46. Attorney Jennifer Auer Jordan received an initial tip that led to the investigation that ultimately revealed the breach.

The Secretary’s office sent out 12 CDs to media and news outlets that contained this sensitive information. It is unclear if the information was not meant to be on the discs, or if the discs were not meant to be distributed. Secretary of State Brian Kemp made the following statement:

“I take full responsibility for this mistake and have taken immediate action to resolve it. The employee at fault has been fired, and I have put in place additional safeguards effective immediately to ensure this situation does not happen again…

Each of the twelve recipients, including the Georgia Republican Party and the Georgia Democratic Party, confirmed that they did not retain a copy of the information, either electronic or otherwise and that the information was not disseminated to any outside groups.”

It is unknown if the information was duplicated or compromised in anyway during the time for which it was unaccounted. The 6 million affected make up the entire voting population of Georgia. The incident does not bode well for increased-voter-participation campaigns.

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