Adele Joining Team of Artists who Refuse to Participate in Streaming Services

by– Carly St. James

Adele has released a statement that her new album, 25 (no, she is not still 25-years-old), will not be made available on streaming services such as Spotify and the new iTunes streaming service.

This makes Adele one of many artists who are taking a stand for their livelihood. In a statement made by Taylor Swift regarding the expectation on artists to offer their music for free, she said “We don’t ask you for free iPhones”, why should we give you our music for free?

Other artists, like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger share this stance and have withheld the majority of their music from streaming sites, as well. These efforts are made to both preserve the artistry of music, and the artists themselves, in particular the less established artists who need their albums or singles to sell in order to pay the bills.


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