Cuomo Announces $15 Minimum Wage in the City of Rochester

by–Django Smith

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren was joined by Governor Cuomo today as he announced a $15 minimum wage standard for all public sector workers. The increase in wages will begin the next fiscal year and is the first step in what is intended to be a state-wide, industry-wide minimum wage increase.

“A full-time worker who earns the minimum wage today is still left very far from a decent living – that’s not right, and it’s time that changed,” said Governor Cuomo. “Raising the minimum wage is about fairness and justice. It’s about giving hard-working people an opportunity to support themselves and their families. I’m proud to be leading by example alongside Mayor Warren and Council President Scott as we build momentum across the state for a policy that will change lives, and I urge the state legislature to help us fight for fair pay for all workers.”

Warren then stated that he has been a longtime “fight for 15” supporter and his sentiment of support was echoed by City Council President Loretta Scott and President of Rochester and Genesee Valley Labor Federation Dan Maloney. The mentality behind Cuomo’s plan is that the minimum wage has not increased proportionally to inflation rates, and it actually peaked in terms of buying power in 1970 at $1.85. To have the same level of buying power today, the minimum wage would need to be $12.43.

Cuomo’s plan is to gradually increase the minimum wage consistently over the next several years and finally settle it at $15 on July 1st, 2021.


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