Cuomo’s Minimum Wage Hike a Socialist Re-Distribution of Wealth Scheme


By Jimmy The Saint

Radical New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lambasted McDonald’s for perpetrating a “scam on the taxpayer’s of this country.” His complaint: McDonald’s and other fast food chains have refused to engage in a substantial, non-profitable increase of the wages they pay to their lowest tier employees. Since Cuomo – who obviously wants but does not have – the unilateral legal authority to compel private industry to hike their wages on a national or even state level, he executed an executive order jacking up state workers’ minimum hourly rate to fifteen dollars. Yes, that’s an astounding $15 per hour that every base worker on the state’s already inflated payroll will be paid. But who pays this nationally-high patronage fee to thousands of menial-job workers?

You got it – the taxpayers.

But not the same taxpayers that Cuomo coroneted with the crown of being “scammed.”

No, the taxpayers being scammed with Cuomo’s outrageous, socialist re-distribution of wealth scheme are the large majority of New York’s residents: those who work hard for their rightfully-deserved income. Most hard hit, of course, are the usual victims: the real middle-class and the small business owners. You know, those people whose votes Cuomo isn’t seeking – and whose votes he won’t be getting.

Rest assured, however, Cuomo will be notching the votes of nearly 100% of the five figures of state employees’ (who are the benefactors of this historic wage increase). After all, that’s what this pick-pocketing is really about. It’s a scheme that works like this: (1) find the least informed people in a mass amount; (2) give them an undeserved monetary handout; (3) which gives them a teary-eyed smile and thank you; (4) that, in turn, makes you a hero to them; and (5) sit back and collect their votes. You see, this is indeed a smart plan. Here, the Caped-Cuomo is personally and directly lining individuals’ wallets with cashola. They know exactly what’s coming to them and who is giving it to them. And it directly impacts them.

Those injured by Cuomo’s herein writ of monetary execution do not have that same type of direct hit. It’s just one of multitudes of government gouging against their assets. It’s an almost intangible levy. By skyrocketing the state workers’ minimum wage – via the staggered time period that Cuomo has designated – those actually paying for it aren’t sent any direct tax bill labeled “Minimum Wage Tax Increase Bill.” Instead, they get an ambiguous trickle-up-effect, hidden tax. Cuomo and ultra-lib allies, of course, hope that most don’t realize it or just forget about it before the next election.

Through his plotted Rob-in-the-Hood plan, Cuomo has allotted for the following looting: low-level New York City state employees will be paid $15-per-hour beginning at the end of 2018; all others will get their $15 hourly wage in a tiered attack from 2019 – 2021. Why New York City workers get the first dibs is another unsavory matter to give some thought to – perhaps Cuomo just doesn’t like upstate state employees as much. In any case, with his over-the-years, over-the-rainbow approach, this gigantic, economically-impossible-to-fulfill-wage hike-that-will-ultimately-lead-to-other-socialist-mandates, may just may get missed or forgotten by many middle-class and small business voters – or at least that’s what the Gov hopes.

Of course, who would remember that in just one day, with just one stroke, of just one man’s pen (without the consent of the state legislature), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo raised state workers minimum wage from $8.75-per-hour to a nearly double amount of $15-per-hour?


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