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Report on charity telemarketers finds majority of funds solicited go into fundraisers pockets

Cell phones used by 90 percent of New Yorkers; landlines slowly disappearing

Schumer wants volatile Bakken crude stabilized before rail travel

Soldiers prepare at Camp Smith for Guantanamo Bay deployment

County execs join effort to combat sexual assault on college campuses

Agricultural activity brings over $37 billion into state’s economy

$900 million to be invested in state parks through 2020

Mount Vernon gang member sentenced in fatal shooting

Legislation would put up federal funds for rail improvements

Mother convicted of killing her son with salt

Albany man faces 40 years after being found guilty of raping 13-year-old

NYS Gaming Commission’s Responsible Gaming Program earns recognition

Senators call for action after 60 Minutes report on flood insurance fraud following Sandy

DRBC announces One Process/One Permit program

Comptroller releases municipal audits

Mega Millions winning ticket sold in Sullivan County

Draft conservation plan for bald eagles available for public review and comment

State Gaming Location Board approves final casino report 

NYPD cop victim of wrong-way crash

Brockport man pleads guilty to mail fraud and forging treasury checks

Cuomo to lead trade mission to Cuba

New Yorkers rate job done by local governments as better than that done by state or fed

Western New York chosen as 1 of 13 sites in the nation for coordinated traffic information system

Man arrested twice in one hour for DWI

Campaign launched to combat sexual assault on college and university campuses

$25 million plan to support pre-k for 3 year-olds announced by governor

Madison county man arrested on child pornography charges

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