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NYS economy added more than 108,000 private sector jobs in past year

MTA, Transit Workers Union Local 100, reach tentative contract

Port Jervis man convicted of killing girlfriend

Parolee convicted of killing girlfriend’s husband

$12M in heroin seized, two suspects arrested, in Orange County

Police officer struck by car, has broken leg

Schumer appeals to leaders of NYISO and FERC to shelve unnecessary, new electric-rate-raising ‘capacity zone’ 

Report indicates high consumer satisfaction rates among members of New York's managed long-term care plans

Comptroller halts $24 million in suspicious tax refunds

NYSEG and RG&E advise contractors and customers to be safe when working and playing outdoors

Colonie man arrested for impersonating a State Trooper

Man with gun arrested on SUNY New Paltz campus

Crime-fighting grants go to 31 law enforcement agencies

Train track safety work underway

New York State joins the National Popular Vote Compact

Police to search for man missing for a decade

$8 billion MRT waiver to protect and transform New York's health care system

Another 215 New York State master teachers selected

Upstate man charged with child rape

Comptroller releases municipal audits

Nine key stream gauges will receive long-term funding

$790,000 in federal funding to prevent invasive species on agricultural lands

Man arrested for impersonating a police officer

Teen faces felony murder indictment related to the death of NYPD officer following fire

Woman indicted in hit-and-run deaths of two college students

Canadian man sentenced for importing $1.5M worth of ecstasy pills into the U.S.

Tribes Hill man arrested for sexual crimes against children

Nearly $2.6 million in nursing faculty scholarships available

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