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By: Victoria Emerson

After nearly ten years since the fatal shooting that resulted in the death of two year old David Pacheco, the Bronx County District Attorney Robert Johnson has announced that Darryl Hemphill, the 37-year old North Carolinian responsible for the shooting, has been convicted of 2nd degree murder.

The tragic shooting took place on the afternoon of Easter Sunday, 2006, in the Morris Heights neighborhood of Bronx County, when, Hemphill, who was involved in a street fight, fired a stray bullet that fatally struck 2 year old Pachecho while he was riding in his mother’s mini-van.

“Nothing will ever bring my son back, but this definitely has brought closure to me and my family,” said Joanne Sanabria, the victim’s mother. Hemphill will be sentenced on January 4, 2016 by Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett and faces 25 years to life in prison.

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Looks like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has got it right here. Some goofball New York State Assemblyman is crying that the usual ultra-lib governor isn’t providing enough state aid to homeless shelters in New York City.

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, who is also New York State’s Social Services Chair, whined “The Governor’s track record of managing homelessness in New York has included claiming we resolved the problem; drastically reducing the State’s share of costs associated with homelessness and poverty; threatening to eliminate funds for shelters this summer; and casting blame for the crisis. If this is what Governor Cuomo has in mind when he talks about providing management expertise, thank you – but no thank you.”

Heveis also blabbered, “The cost of homeless shelters in NYC was $876.5 million in 2014, of which the Governor paid only $123.8 million, or 14 percent from State funds.”

No way! That’s all Cuomo allocated toward homeless shelters in New York City? Just $123.8 million in a year?!…The aforementioned was sarcasm, if one didn’t recognize the tone.

Why do taxpayers need to fund housing for these – literally – bums, to the tune of over $100,000,000, much less nearly $900 million?

This gi-normous amount of money would be better (and more morally) spent on assisting small businesses throughout the state. You know – for people who are actually working and contributing to society. You know – for taxpayers.

Can the people in Hevesi’s district vote him out of office ASAP? Or are the voters there a bunch homeless people, who are sucking off everyone else around the state?

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Two brothers were shot at a Mystic Beach home yesterday. Codi Chambers, 22, and Blake Chambers, 28, where found unconscious, with bullet wounds when law enforcement arrived at the house. The pair were pronounced dead at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue after being transported to the hospital by a Mastic Beach Ambulance unit.

Police had responded to the locale of the shooting in the early afternoon, upon a tip of the shooting, by a 911 caller. The Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad are currently investigating the crime.

Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call Homicide Squad detectives at 631-852-6392 or call anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.

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Pilgrim Pipeline has Applied to Come to New York

by– Harriet Babs

The Pilgrim Pipeline has filed a use and occupancy permit in New York to construct a dangerous pipeline from Linden, New Jersey to Albany.

The pipeline, which would stretch 178 mi, would transpire 200,000 barrels of flammable and toxic Bakken crude each day. The effects are projected to be extremely damaging to water sources and the environment, as well as extremely dangerous to first responders.

Despite the initial decline from all 28 of the 28 affected towns in New Jersey, Pilgrim Pipeline still intends to go forward with permits and appeals to construct the pipeline.


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IRS Phone Scams

by– Walter Neinbelz

Numerous complaints have been made to authorities by the public regarding phone scammers who claim to be the IRS. The scammers are said to be requesting money on behalf of the IRS. The IRS is cooperating with the authorities on this matter. As a rule of thumb, the IRS never threatens to send representatives to the individual homes in order to collect money and they always first establish contact through the mail, rather than over the phone.

If you believe you have been contacted under the false pretenses described above, contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1800.366.4484.

Student loan

Settlement to Forgive Over $100 Million in Student Loans Reached by Attorney General

Attorney Generals from 38 state nationwide have settled to forgive a sum of $102.8 million in student loans. Unfair and misguided recruitment policies are the main cause behind this national grievance.

As said by New York Attorney General Schneiderman, “For-profit education companies that lure students using deceptive recruitment and enrollment practices must be held accountable.” He continues,“EDMC preyed on the hopes and dreams of New York students, and ripped off taxpayers, who backed federal student loans that were destined to fail. Today’s agreement not only provides relief to a large number of former students through loan forgiveness, but requires that EDMC make substantial changes to its business practices to protect future students from being deceived.”

The average person is expected to receive $1,370 of forgiveness in his/her respective student loans.