For wrestling fans, Olympic wrestling provides much to root for and talk about. Following is a conversation from The New Jersey Wrestling Forum Facebook page:

On August 2 at 10:43 a.m. Patrick Eichner posted, “I know this is sacrilegious and my buddy Glenn Hall Sr will yell at me but…I find Greco to be boring”

Don Murphy posted, “I agree 100%”

Lynn Pohl responded, “Add me to the will be yelled at list–I love Folkstyle over FS & GR–and, I love good old boring RIDING ! Don’t like let em up and take em down and flip em over at will for 2 each time”

Patrick Eichner replied, “agree”

Patrick Eichner then stated, “Lynn Pohl the only time I like “take em down and let em up” style is when you need to make a statement, like Burroughs over Winston in Philly. You knew what he was doing and why but still didn’t believe your eyes. The changing of the guard indeed!”

Lynn Pohl added, “I like ride em and turn em and hold them there for more than a second–only thing I like in FS is the pushout rule–I don’t like wrestling the edge”

Patrick Eichner said, “totally agree. Something majestic about being up by 1 and riding a guy out.”

Carl Winshel responded, “Enjoyed watching dake ride molinaro in NCAA finals. Don’t enjoy take down and let him up”

Steve Alpaugh stated, “The thing I don’t like about FS is leg laces that become 8 point moves and a wrestler can completely dominate a bout, th d n gets leg laced ot gut wrench Ed in closing minutes and it’s over. I hate 30 second bouts due to a takedown and leg lace. I do love the push out rule.”

Jim Shields commented, “Lynn Pohl the boringness of greco is only surpassed by riding time/stalling. I enjoy HS rules the best if you are not working for a fall you are stalling.”

Glenn Hall replied, “Patrick Eichner Has to Agree if you’re watching the best go at it, if you watched so GR at Fargo you might change your mind. {Get Mad at U, “NEVAAR”

Glenn Hall then said, “Patrick Eichner I have been to Three GR Cadet National Duals, Four Jr GR Duals & the GR World Team Trials, believe Me at that Leval it is not as Boooooring as you might expect. You are judging something that you see every “FOUR” Years, not saying that doesn’t Qualify you to Judge GR but

Rob Kulessa added, “I’m glad I’m not the only one.”

Chip Griswold III replied, “Variety is the spice of life! All three styles contribute to the accomplished grappler.

Patrick Eichner responded, “I agree with that statement Chip but would prefer to have Greco as a “training tool” than a tournament.”

Chip Griswold III then commented, “Patrick Eichner

  1. Folk
  2. FS
  3. G”

Patrick Eichner agreed, “exactly”

Edward Gibbons posted, “Chip Griswold III 1. Folk

  1. Folk
  2. Folk”

Stephen Friedman added, “Chip Griswold III that be me”

Andy Cy commented, “1) folk 2) jiu jitsu 3) judo 4) freestyle 5) greco”

Jim Eggie also agreed, “No shit”

Jeffrey Parker noted, “Greco-Roman skills may not be exciting to the novice eye. However it takes a great deal of strength and skill to be successful at this discipline as in all wrestling.”

Frank Salerno posted, “I don’t find it boring but I agree it does not appeal to fans when they are only exposed to it infrequently. That’s tough to overcome because without any background understanding, it can come across as unexciting.”

Joe DiBiase added, “greco is the worst, like watching paint dry,AND I love most other forms of the sport, it needs to go. FYI I am not saying it isnt diffucult!! Just boring”

Sharon Stoll said, “Greco-Roman was interesting until they instituted to rules. Some of the competitors still are more aggressive but too few.”

Sharon Stoll followed up with, “New rules”

Anthony Ferraioli commented, “You guys apparently never wrestled Greco !! Very technical, strength , conditioning, just a different form !!”

Stephen Friedman posted, “Folk free” and a GIF that says “It’s like watching paint dry.”

Dommy Rome replied, “And they keep blowing the damn whistle- stopping the action”

Michael Rastelli added, “I’d rather watch a tied soccer game, or paint dry than Greco-Roman wrestling. I still watch it, but I can’t stand it. I couldn’t stand Greco practices at my club in high school, much to the chagrin of my club coach, Vern Zellner.”

Raymond Miro responded, “Michael Rastelli Soccer????

Bet Posey posted, “I love Greco. But my boys loved it too. I loved watching them. But watching the olympics last night, I was at a total loss watching the scoring. They stopped and started so many times and watched video and had a cocktail break. Not sure that I like the scoring part. It probably changed years ago and Since I rarely get to see it much anymore, I didn’t know. But they took away far more than they gave last night. Not the athletes. But the officials.”

Stephen Friedman commented, “The refs are like WWF refs”

Ben Scasserra added, “Stephen Friedman refs are horrible!!!!”

Stephen Friedman replied, “Ben Scasserra not sure of any scoring, penalties, or anything, therefore can’t comment. If Greco is all there is then might have to watch other competitions”

Ben Scasserra then said, “A chess match.”

Roy Dragon replied, “I enjoyed wrestling Greco but watching it is tough. It also seems that the higher the level the less scoring.”

Doug Kroeger posted, “I like it when both wrestlers are wearing headgear. Then I know that I know the rules.”




Just as all eyes are on Tokyo for the Olympics,  wrestling social media talk has been dominated by this same topic. A recent conversation from a Florida wrestling Facebook page posed a question that likely many have been wondering as they watch the wrestling competitions:

On July 31 at 10:06 p.m., Ricky Gullett posted on The Florida Wrestling Room powered by Florida Pride Wrestling Facebook page:

“How come the sport of Wrestling doesn’t allow 2 or 3 guys in each weight class (from the same country) to compete in the Olympics? All these other sport have them? Just wondering…”

John Gorman replied, “No doubt and sorry I dont have that answer for ya .”

Ricky Gullett responded with, “John Gorman I been watching swimming for 20 days already. Lol.”

Ricky Gullett followed up with, “Yes sir, let me know.”

Jim Hudgens answered, “Ricky Gullett that’s the damn truth, how much swimming is there?”

Ricky Gullett’s reply: Jim Hudgens 10, 20, 50, 60, 90, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500, 1k , 2k, 5k , 6k , 10k, 11k, 15k , 20k meter races. Then 19 different styles of swimming. 

Mike Pederson added, “Ricky Gullet And now don’t forget the ‘Mixed!”

Ricky Gullett said, “Mike Pedersen yez! Mixed wrestling would be cool…lol”

Matt Kelly replied, “Because the one competing had to go through all the other one in his class to get there, they have national tournaments”

Ricky Gullet responded, “Matt Kelly But track, swimming, etc has 3 in each event.”

Matt Kelly replied, “Ricky Gullet I’d say it’s because there is alot more events in those categories, that’s only thing I can think of”. He also added a GIF of a man shrugging his shoulders.

Steve Alpaugh stated, “Actually a good question. Either double the weight classes or competitors per country in each weight class. To much rythemic swimming, ping pong and skate boarding.”

Ricky Gullett answered, “Steve Alpaugh Just crazy to see the #2 guy in the world never win a Olympic medal. I know Gold is the Goal but… it would be cool to see 1st and 2nd place USA!”

Dan Ciccarelli added, “There are no other weight class sports what have multiple entries per weight class.

When you think about it, wrestling has six entries. Only if each weight was qualified. It would be awfully hard to qualify multiple people at multiple weights.

I’m not sure about “all the other” sports.”

Pops Becker said, “Screw that let’s start protesting at the white house.”

Matt Kelly provided this link:

Matt Kelly added, “They do have alternates.”

Montez Montez noted, “Good question”






On June 28, at 5:45 a.m. Kip Charles posted on The South Carolina Wrestling Room Facebook page:

“Do you know that feeling your wrestler gets when they walk into their local South Carolina tournament that has four or five mats set up? Well, after Fargo even the states look small. It could be one of the reasons why so many young people that go to Fargo come home and perform exceedingly well. It’s still not too late if you want your wrestler to experience this.”

Joe Lovier replied, “Gee, that’s neat.”

George Dixon replied, “There are plenty of tournaments that take place on multiple mats. Super 32 on 26, NHSCA Nationals on 40+, NHSCA National Duals on 51, most NuWay tournaments on 20+, Tyrant Wrestling tournaments on 15+ and WAR tournaments on 10-15 mats. There are a lot of “off season” opportunities for wrestlers to get mat time at “big” tournaments. Personally I feel that Fargo is the pinnacle for freestyle and Greco-Roman while the pinnacle for folkstyle is the Super 32! The bottom line is getting out there and getting it done!”

David Maholtz replied to Dixon’s comment with, “George Dixon God I hate saying this on public forum…. but I agreed 100% with george on this one”

Kip Charles replied to Dixon’s comment, “George Dixon lets get them to them all.. I completely agree.”

The Wrestling Whisperer added, “George Dixon Having coached and competed at the Fargo level I’ll explain why Fargo is different than the tournaments you listed:

1: Freestyle & Greco Roman are two different styles that add too &. expand technical wrestling abilities. They both can carry over to Folkstyle.

2: Both styles expand the ability to compete against higher levels of competition both nationally & internationally. And at a young age internationally.

3: Many of your top NCAA Champions & All Americans have a expanded wrestler IQ in Freestyle & Greco that separates them experience wise when they compete in Folkstyle.

4: Freestyle is a faster pace style and a lot of technique has carried over to Folkstyle, while Greco focuses on inside control wrestling, body attacks & throws that also have technical transitions into Folkstyle

5: Both Freestyle & Greco Roman styles ultimately lead into having a head start training on the Senior level for the Olympics.

6: If the top high school kids in the country are training in 3 styles of wrestling and yours only one, eventually you see the gap in competition at the college level D1, D2,D3.

7:Finally, the top colleges at all levels go to Fargo to recruit. That’s D1, D2, D3.

Jennifer Wingard commented, “Kip Charles I appreciate you giving our boys am opportunity like this. I know for one my son had a great time practicing on Saturday and is excited about going to Fargo. Thank you again!

Kip Charles replied to Wingard’s comment, “Jennifer Wingard It’s pretty amazing watching these kids transform right before my eyes. Everyone is getting better.”

Jen Griffin-Richey Hornsby posted, “Kip Charles thank you for everything. I am excited for these kids and how much they are learning”

Kip Charles replied, “Jen Griffin-Richey Hornsby, they are, and at a fast pace it would seem. The environment is ripe for learning, and growth is inevitable. I can’t wait to see what their regular season looks like. They will all be better wrestlers for sure Freestyle & Greco will only compound their success.”

Seth Allen wrote, “Fargo was a great experience for me as a youngster.”

The Wrestling Whisperer replied to Allen with, “Seth Allen spread the word, it will only improve an athletes wrestling.”

Chris Brock added this comment, “Fargo makes a statement that all major programs/coaches want to hear. Kid’s commitment is real and wrestling is life. There is no other tournament that is as Indicative and predicts the future on a national or international level. The world medalists and Olympians make it there via Fargo. Not absolute, but generally speaking.”

Bailey Wilkins posted, “The best trip I’ve been on no doubt. It definitely makes all the other National tournaments easier to compete at. Not everybody will get the results they want but one key thing I learned is when you are done wrestling, soak it all in. Watch the wrestling, there’s a lot you can learn by just watching how the top guys compete.

You definitely get better by competing there, but the training leading up to it is what benefits you the most. Different looks, different partners, and just the overall fun you have between sessions. I’ve made lifetime friendships on this trip. So if you’re debating on sending your kid, it is a must.”







The recent NCAA policy change, which allows college athletes to profit from their name, image, and likeness, has opened the door for athletes to make deals for endorsements, advertisements, and more. This has certainly made for interesting developments in wrestling, as well as other sports. Here’s what New Jersey wrestling enthusiasts from the New Jersey Wresting Forum Facebook page are saying about it:

On July 1, at 2:00 p.m., Mike Abromitis shared the following comment and link to an article about two college wrestlers’ new endorsement deals , “Gable Steveson and A.J Ferrari already with business deals, it’s a whole new world for College athletes !”

He then shared this link to college wrestler AJ Ferrari’s tweet announcing his partnership with an apparel company, “

Nelson Dilone commented, “Ferrari knew what he was doing this whole time lol”

Scotty Moore added a gif of a violin player and commented, “Played them like this. I knew what he was doing but can’t make reckless comments to grown folks”

Jimmy Palo replied to Dilone’s comment with, “Nelson Dilone so what. For years college’s and the ncaa owned these kids and reaped all the benefits. The student/ athlete was gone a long time ago. The ncaa could give two shots about these kids as long as they brought in revenue. It’s about time thing have changed”

Nelson Dilone’s reply was, “Jimmy Palo it’s 2021. That’s it lol”

Jimmy Palo replied with, “Nelson Dilone exactly. Let them get there’s. They are the face of the product”

Angela Binetti Varga wrote, “Awesome”

Jennifer Whitney Correa commented, “Nice. Good for them.”

Yvonne Dailey posted, “Good for them!”

Philip Bocchino commented, “Wow”

Lou Cooke added, “Two very smart student athletes. Y’all better get on this gravy train!”

Bobby Ayala said, “I can only imagine how guys like Reggie bush, etc feel lol”

Clee Torres stated, “Good for them”

Tom Martin added “Beginning of the end.”

Mike Kennedy said, “Rudy…Rudy…Rudy!”

No doubt, there will be ongoing talk about wrestlers’ moves as a result of this new ruling.





On June 11 at 4:28 pm, Darryl Bozeat posed this question on New York Youth Wrestling Forum’s Facebook page:

“Anyone else think NYUSAW needs a complete overhaul?”

Kris Harrington responded with, “Great year for you to be part of the solution! Regional rep election year.”

Darryl Bozeat replied, “Kris Harrington Good to know! I would love to help fix the selection process.”

Neil Powers commented, “I would think they should stick to Freestyle/Greco. However many clubs still haven’t switched from folk style ?”

Cyrus Hurd added, “Ny has a ton of talent but it cant hold on to it. I dont know if its some of the people in charge of programs or what. IDK what the problem is. I hope they get it fixed someday.”

Patrick Ketcham offered, “USA is a joke in NY. Complete joke. The leadership needs a major overhaul and new blood.”

Corey Metz Campsey commented, “All hail Patrick Ketcham to become the face of it!”

Jason Schubert said, “Listen u guys can bash USA wrestling all you want at the end of the day it’s a lack of freestyle and Greco training in NY kids don’t want to wrestle to afraid to lose and learn. USA wrestling can’t build anything without participation several times there were going to be teams for freestyle events and kids won’t commit. If people don’t participate USA wrestling doesn’t have the funds to grow. The leadership involved now does a damn good job atleast since my sons been involved in schoolboy. That problem has always been participation I mean my sons school boy state bracket one year had 4 total kids. USAW probably loses money every tournament because there’s not enough participation to pay for event sites.”

Patrick Ketcham replied, “Jason Schubert then better promotion is needed as well as getting all of the clubs onboard. NY pales in comparison to the other states, and that should not be happening. Not in NY. I own a club and I’ve yet to be contacted by anyone from USANY in regards to programs, or asking for feedback on anything.

This should be the USA leaderships board first step.”

Darryl Bozeat replied, “Jason Schubert I agree we have a lack of training and competition opportunities in NY. Why don’t we have more Freco clinic’s throughout the state? You could run a revolving series of Freco clinic’s and hit every section multiple times every spring/summer. Give the kids more reasons to try the international styles. Our state has hardly any Freco tournaments which is crazy! We have kids being selected for Freco trips off of folkstyle results. We have kids selected for teams who do not participate in the freestyle and Greco state tournament. Top 4-5 kids from the Freco state tournament should automatically qualify for Fargo. The top placer at the regional should qualify and leave 1 spot for someone to petition into Fargo. Letting kids skip the Freco state tournament and giving them spots is a great way to discourage kids from even going. One of our wrestlers took 4th in freestyle(state tournament)and is only wrestling Greco because of petitions. That’s wrong and needs to end this year. Yes it’s a funky year because of covid but only 1 petition per weight class should be allowed unless there’s open spots. Fargo is not cheap to only go and wrestle one style. I started my own club to make sure kids are participating in the international styles and have the opportunity to train and travel. If you want to train with our club in the spring you either wrestle freestyle and Greco or don’t come to practice. You will see some changes in section 3 next year to promote the international styles even more. I’m willing to help anyone any way I can and our club always puts the kids first.

I’m sure my post came off as harsh and like I’m just bashing coaches. I think Chris, Joe, Chris etc are trying to do the right things but we have a ways to go. I respect that Chris immediately reached out to me about being involved more. That’s a sign of good leadership. We need to leave our egos at the door. I hope Pit Crew and the other clubs can have a bigger impact on more kids wrestling the international styles. I have some solid ideas that I’m hoping to implement in section 3/5 next year. Best of luck to everyone at Fargo!

#PitCrew #Onebigfamily

Jason Schubert replied, “Darryl Bozeat I think more clubs need to do what your doing the problem is your like the 5% and that’s not enough to support it. Until we have 16 man brackets and not round robins at states I don’t know how USA wrestling can do more these people don’t get paid they give up there free time. Sometimes the communities have to do the work. It’s kinda like asking someone to start a business where there are no customers.”

Neil Powers replied, “I agree with Jason. I don’t see enough commitment to training in Freestyle and Greco. I would say this is on the coaches to make the commitment to switch styles in the Spring after the state tournaments. Youth included. Is it really necessary to keep going to spooky nook every weekend to wrestle folk style duals every week? That song and dance was done all winter. All the National champs and top college coaches always say that Freestyle and Greco will make your kids better folk style wrestlers.”

Tom Kasper stated, “NYWAY is a great organization”





Here is something interesting that people in the wrestling circles of New Jersey are talking about.

On the New Jersey Wrestling Forum Facebook page, William Holmes issued the following post on June 9, 2021 (note that the below quotes are not corrected for grammar/spelling and are quoted on ESN exactly how matters were posted on Facebook):

William Holmes said: “Since the pandemic has slowly started to lift I’ve been hearing/reading some complaints about wrestling: Re: Half filled brackets, duals with a smaller number of teams, camps and clinics not filling up…

This is partly due to the pandemic.

But this is also a glimpse into what wrestling would be like without the Rec programs.

I know most people who join wrestling forums take the sport more seriously and likely have someone in their family who has experienced success in wrestling.

But not everyone can be a state champ. Most posts on wrestling forums tend to be about how can I get better, why kids should do international styles,  or what it takes to become a champ.

But very few posts on how to grow the sport and get new kids into the sport.

If you want to see more filled out brackets next year, or bigger dual tournaments, or increased participation in international style events, or increased participation in clubs…

Encourage growth at the town level. Get involved with your local program. Grab a new kid or family and encourage them to try it out.

Sell the sport without mentioning the words championship, medals, or titles.

If you’re really about growing the sport you’ll go all in into helping your local program next season when we hopefully will be able to wrestle at the local schools and community centers.

Growth starts at the ground level. Your state championship won’t hold the value it used to have if Rec programs die off.

The number of schools merging or dropping wrestling is concerning, to put it mildly. But this is a trend that can be stopped.

Don’t lose the forest from the trees.”

Below are some responses to Holmes’s post: 

Michael Charles said: “While I agree with you I also here a legitimate argument from parents and kids in the travel scene.

For example, Rec teams are usually pretty strict about how many practices you need to make each week in order to be on the dual team, but the truth of the matter is 3xs a week is asking a lot of a year round wrestler who has devoted him or herself to the sport….just so he or she can benefit others who chose not to wrestle in the off season. There needs to be a give and take not just a take. The fact remains that 3 days a week in a room with mostly seasonal wrestlers is not the same as going live with 4 partners who wrestle year round.”

William Holmes responded to Michael, by saying: “Michael Charles  I coach a Rec program in south jersey, and had a few wrestlers who did club. There were a few who were really elite, I just asked them for 1-2 days a week, and they obliged.

My kids do club too, but we dedicated our time and focus to the local program during the winter. Because we realize that our local program growing is way more important than individual success. To us at least.”

Michael respond to William by saying: “William Holmes 1 day a week is more than reasonable. But from a child’s perspective who breaks their rear year round only to show up to a room where kids don’t take it seriously can be frustrating for the wrestlers not to mention the chance of injury is much higher. The local program growing is important, but I don’t see club attendance falling if anything I see it growing…my sons clubs have upwards of 30-40 kids a night in the off season.”

William followed up with: “Michael Charles that’s fine. But if you aren’t involved with your local program it’s a hard sell to say you’re also all about growing the sport.

Wrestling going club only will lead to the death of most high school program in NJ outside the traditional powerhouses.”

 Michael said to William: “William Holmes What I’m saying is the complaints I hear from club kids need to be addressed as well like I said it needs to be a give and take. A great indicator that the sport is growing is merchandising and that has exploded with near fall, Rudis, scraplife.”

William responded to Michael with: “Eh. 2021 has been a struggle from what I’ve seen with tournaments, clinics, duals, and even club numbers.

And schools are dropping or merging wrestling, schools I never thought possible. I can’t disagree with you more on the growth factor.”

William followed that up with: “Michael Charles  you can still do club and stay involved locally. Most I know d.o”

Michael responded to William with: “William Holmes These companies spend big money on analytics they see that there is a market otherwise they wouldn’t do it.”

William said to Michael: “Michaell Charles companies making money while programs and schools are dropping. This is the problem. You’re missing the forest from the trees.”

WIlliam followed that up with: “But anyway, winter 2021/22, let’s get kids back and new kids in.”

Michael responded to William with: “No I’m not LOL. If the market wasn’t there which means NUMBERS it wouldn’t be done.

My point in responding to your post is that this is a two way street. And their is a opposite side to this post which wasn’t being addressed.

It’s a two way street.”

William said to Michael: “If you cant sacrifice a day or two a week to be involved with your local program, which feeds kids into your high school program,

I honestly question you if you say you’re about growing the sport.

It really is quite easy for a club kid to continue to get better and stay involved locally. If your local program doesn’t find a way for your kid to do club and the local program at the same time, that’s on them.

Just don’t forget the importance of growing the sport from the ground up.

And yes, you are missing the forest from the trees. Just look at any high school dual results in your local newspaper and the number of forfeits to get a good idea of where our sport is at. Pre-pandemic too.”

Michael responded to William with: “William Holmes That’s not what was said. What I said was teams are to rigid requiring 3 days a week for practices…one of my previous responses stated that one day a week is more than reasonable.

Our rec team had 83 kids I think the year before the pandemic. This year they didn’t have a season because the schools wouldn’t let them use the gym.

And no there is not always a way for the child to improve in a rec room sadly the conditions just aren’t there sometimes.”

William responded to Michael saying: “The point of this post is to point out the importance of rec wrestling.

You missed the forest.

But keep watering your tree.”

Michael said to William: “William Holmes  The point of my post was to represent the complaint I here from a lot of parents which wasn’t included in your post and it’s very valid.”

William responded to Michael with: “Michael Charles it is. Guess I’m one of the few Rec programs that have dealt with it, and that hasn’t been a problem in south jersey at most clubs and participants from my experience.

I wish you luck next season!” 

Michael said to William: “William Holmes You as well man.” 





One hot topic of conversation on social media in Florida is the status of girls wrestling as a high school sport.

Joseph Swirble posted on The Florida Wrestling Room Powered by Florida Pride Wrestling on June 9, 2021 in response to an article titled FHSAA: Beach volleyball gets greenlight, girls wrestling tabled (note that the below quotes are not corrected for grammar/spelling and are quoted on ESN exactly how matters were posted on Facebook)

“Anyone have some insight into FHSAA reversing their decision to sanction girls wrestling?”

Here are some responses to the post:

Brad Oversmith said: “Someone must have had deep pockets”

Mark DeAugustino said: “Wow…….. Really?……….. Way to step up to the scale/mat for our girls FHSAA……. Someone needs to be a leader. FHSAA you are proving that you don’t know how to be a leader…. Sad news…”

Zane Turnipsed said: “guess Title IX only counts when it comes to screwing over wrestling in college not helping it in high school.”

And another ongoing conversation focuses on allowing middle school students to participate on high school teams, which is sometimes utilized in wrestling to help fill out the lighter weight classes.

On The Florida Wrestling Room Powered by Florida Pride Wrestling, on June 8 2021, Evan Layne posted in response to the FHSAA proposal to block middle school athletes from participating in high school sports:  

“Good for the sport or No ?

Love to hear both sides of the argument.”

 Here are responses:

Omah Sang responded by saying, “I think it’s bad for the sport. Most middle school athletes that compete in wrestling are lighter weights that’s aren’t dominated by upperclassmen. In other sports the kids have to be pretty special to be put on the field/court. Kid phenoms are a special part of athletics.”

Joe Blasuci responded to Omah by saying, “This whole argument is stupid. Remember this these are pre high school kids beating 16-19 year Old high school kids. Whats unfair about that?? We had 12 and 13 year Olds in the state finals. Anyone that makes an excuse for losing to little kids in a high school sport is sour grapes you all sound likes crybabies. More excuse parents. Every reason any of your kids lose is because of someone else’s fault..always remember your kids feed off you whether strong or weak…this is weak.”

Omah replied to Blasuci saying, “Joe Blasuci keep drinking. You must be completely sh!!! faced at this point. I am FOR middle school kids competing. So are you arguing with yourself? You should read the article and the responses when you are sober to understand what this conversation was about.”

Brad Oversmith said in response to the original post: “Only lazy and over privileged a-holes would request for a better, younger, more deserving , hard working middle schooler to not compete so some Rich worthless puke CAN have their varsity spot. This shouldn’t come as a surprise this is how our country is ran. LAZY don’t wanna work and let’s use money and nonsense to hold anyone back our kids so the go along get along GAME people can even exist. All sports, corporate and government is ran this way. If I seen these middle schoolers getting trashed and was unsafe I see why but that doesn’t and won’t happen they usually are better if not they definitely work harder, and become more successful than ones that waited until 9th grade. Tired of seeing worthless people get in way and make it harder for kids cause the Older kids can’t beat a hard working middle schooler and their coaching staff and wrestlers afraid to put in work. That’s only reason you don’t want a deserving kid to participate. Them kids get no special treatment have to work extra harder and in most cases the ones out there are better. We need to ban the athletic association if they even waste time looking at this. In.1930 maybe when we didn’t know any better I get it today your just a a-hole if you are saying it’s unfair.”

And finally, a post that received no response:

On June 7 2021, on Florida Wrestling News And Events, Shannyn J. Gillespie posted, “Why do athletic/sport leagues around the globe separate the genders in competition?

That question is the theme of this article and the short answer appears to be a competitive advantage.  Below, will discuss several issues that wrestling enthusiasts are also faced with when males compete with females after puberty…” 

Although this was a great post, no one commented.