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Recently, a dimwitted Harvard student lamented that, during a drunken evening, he rated Harvard coeds, along with other young Ivy League men. The ratings were on their “looks” only; they did not score the young ladies on their minds. The male student, upon reflection, was so distraught over his failure to have been politically correct (and for acting how most normal young men do) that he authored an op ed detailing his regrets. Really, the self-bemoaning article was likely written so that this half-man could, in his mind, engender some of the other gender at his non-gender-recognizing educational institution. In other words, he was trying to curry favor with the liberal, feminist gals there – and score with them.

As our own effort to be politically incorrect here at Empire State News (“ESN”), all of the male staff have rated, on a scale of 1 – 10, numerous famous women. We have purposely rated them on “looks only” because the rating game is otherwise not fun. More so, we are hoping that the women out there, who still like a man’s man, will think our ratings are cool – and we’ll score.

When rating the women, the following words and phrases were bantered around by our staff (just being honest): hot, sexy, pretty, cute, babe, attractive, gorgeous, beautiful, sultry, stunning, sensuous, tasty, sweet, and delicious. Those, of course, were the positive words; there is no need for us to print the negative ones.

The male staff at ESN, of course, love, like, respect and care about women just as much for their minds. However, just like all normal women, we recognize that all normal men are attracted/unattracted to members of the opposite sex in substantial part based upon looks. Same for the same-sex-liking people in our communities. Let’s get real here: any normal person has a scale of looks going on in their heads. Disingenuous frauds are trying to act like they’re not doing the same thing (in rating others) and, even more silly, that there is something “wrong” with it. They throw out cliche phrases such as “objectifying women.” Well, here we are at ESN with our subjective ratings of chicks from across the spectrums of Hollywood, news organizations, politics and more.

One of our female staffers (Temple Li) advised that she wanted to participate in the rating game, even though she is heterosexual, so we permitted her to join in as a matter of news cohort camaraderie. However, it’s hard to take her scores seriously because “what the hell does she know”?

The other ESN staffers who donated their time to this important cause are: Jimmy The Saint, Rocco Artesian, Daniel Sonninshine, King Kong, John James, Paul Thomas, and Wendle McPherson.

Following are the women who came out as our top 15, with their average scores next to their names (let us know if you agree). We’re not printing who received our low scores because there’s no reason to hurt anyone’s feelings; we rated over 250 women.

Scarlett Johansson (actress) – 9.5

Heather Nauert (former Fox News anchor) – 9.5

Julie Banderas (Fox News anchor) – 9.5

Mila Kunis (actress) – 9.5

Shannon Bream (Fox News anchor) – 9.5

Jenna Lee (Fox News anchor) – 9.25

Margot Robbie (actress) – 9.25

Kirsten Dunst (actress) – 9

Anna Kooiman (former Fox News anchor) – 9

Jesse Jane (actress) – 9

Brandin Rackley (actress) – 9

Michelle Malkin (Writer/Political Analyst) – 9

Megan Fox (actress) – 9

Christine Nguyen (actress) – 9

Jessica Alba (actress) – 9






President Trump has been in a positive state of mind since the Russia probe. Special counsel Robert Mueller is conducting the probe that many believe will soon result in Trump’s exoneration. Some have also noted that he is under the belief that he will be given a letter that clears him of wrongdoing.

However, according to business insider a number of the president’s allies are still trying to raise alarm about the appearance of political bias in the investigation. A flurry of allegations that the entire investigation is corrupt was prompted by the emergence of unfavorable Trump texts sent by an FBI agent formerly involved in the Mueller probe.

Some have also asserted that the federal law enforcement agency should be the subject of an official examination believing it is nothing more than a “shadow government.” Meanwhile, news that Mueller has obtained thousands of Trump transition team emails was met with the attorney for that group calling the acquisition “unlawful conduct.”

“When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process.” Peter Carr, a spokesperson for Mueller said, refuting that claim.



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Monday morning an Amtrak train derailed on an overpass in Washington state. It was Amtrak Cascades train 501. 14 train cars crashed into vehicles on a highway below. So far there have been at least three confirmed fatalities and numerous injuries. Meanwhile, authorities are still combing through the wreckage to find victims.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee wrote in a statement, “Today’s tragic incident in Pierce County is a serious and ongoing emergency. Trudi and I are holding in our hearts everyone on board, and are praying for the many injured. They are our top priority, and I know first responders are doing everything to ensure everyone has the care they need.”

Five motor vehicles and two semi-trucks were struck by the train while on the highway. Preliminary signs indicate the Amtrak train may have struck something on the track before derailing, but it was too soon to determine the cause of the accident, reports an official. The derailment is being treated as a mass casualty incident. Authorities have not yet provided details on injuries.

An Amtrak spokesperson said in a statement, “Emergency crews are on the scene and the Amtrak Management is responding. Some injuries are reported. Service between Seattle and Portland is suspended for the time being.”

Amtrak Cascades Trains 504 and 509 are cancelled. No alternate transportation will be available at this time.






There has not been this much hysteria over a Netpocalypse since Y2K, which failed to break the Internet.

18 years ago, media publications worried feverishly for months on end that financial and other institutions would fail to make the transition from the 20th to the 21st centuries when the year 2000 had to be taken into account. According to the mass hysteria, all the computers would think the year was 1900. But, it never happened. Y2K was a bust, fake news if you will.

Enter the current worries over the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ending the net neutrality rules that treated broadband as a common carrier under Title II of the Communication Act.

It will be the end of the Internet as we know it. Your Netflix and other video streaming programming will be interrupted. Content will be suppressed. Aja Romano on Vox.com claims, “Now that the FCC has repealed Title II classification for [Internet Service Providers] ISPs, the ISPs will essentially be unregulated.”

But not surprisingly, the Internet — which worked before net neutrality — still works after the regulation has been eliminated. So do all of the video streaming providers, Netflix, Hulu and so forth. No service disruption whatsoever. And there won’t be one.

Nor are there any allegations of content being blocked so far.

Oh, and it’s still being regulated. Many net neutrality proponents purported it would stop certain anticompetitive types of business practices that are basically already illegal under antitrust law.

So, what was all the fuss about, then?

If a broadband provider tries to throttle one streaming service to entice customers into its own streaming service, for example, depending on the facts, the streamer might have an available legal remedy at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which was established in 1914, more than a century ago and decades before there was any Internet.

In other words, the things net neutrality was supposed to stop were already illegal. You don’t need to declare something a public utility to keep it from being anticompetitive.

In fact, because of the FCC’s Title II classification of broadband, the FTC was barred from bringing suits protecting consumers from unfair or illegal practices under Title I. As a result, the FTC supported ending the FCC Internet regulation in Congressional testimony in November.  According to an agency press release on the testimony, “the FTC has jurisdiction to protect consumers and maintain competition in most sectors of the economy but does not have authority over common carrier activities. In light of this, the FCC’s 2015 reclassification decision resulted in the FTC losing jurisdiction over the provision of Internet access service.”

But, the agency said it would be ready to step back into this arena, according to the release: “the FTC has expertise in the antitrust and consumer protection issues raised by net neutrality concerns. In 2007, the FTC authorized staff to issue a report examining broadband Internet connectivity in general and network neutrality in particular. The 2007 FTC report also discussed discrimination, blocking, vertical integration, and data prioritization practices; examined the then-current and likely future state of broadband competition; analyzed Internet service provider practices under antitrust and consumer protection laws; reviewed proposed net neutrality solutions; and suggested guiding principles.”

Upon ending net neutrality, FTC acting commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen issued a statement praising the move, saying, “The FCC’s action today restored the FTC’s ability to protect consumers and competition throughout the Internet ecosystem. The FTC is ready to resume its role as the cop on the broadband beat, where it has vigorously protected the privacy and security of consumer data and challenged broadband providers who failed to live up to their promises to consumers. In addition, the FCC’s new transparency rules provide additional tools to help ensure that consumers get what they expect from their broadband providers, who will be required to disclose their traffic management practices.”

Got that? So, when you go to purchase Internet service, the ISPs will be required to disclose how they prioritize Internet traffic. If they don’t, or if those statements are inaccurate, then they’ll be subject to regulation.

Specifically, according to the new FTC-FCC Memorandum of Understanding, “Consistent with its jurisdiction, the FTC will investigate and take enforcement action as appropriate against Internet service providers for unfair, deceptive, or otherwise unlawful acts or practices, including but not limited to, actions pertaining to the accuracy of the disclosures such providers make pursuant to the Internet Freedom Order’s requirements, as well as their marketing, advertising, and promotional activities.”

Therefore, broadband is still being regulated, contrary to claims, just by a different agency, the same agency that was regulating it prior to the 2015 FCC power grab.

Almost nothing we’ve been told about net neutrality and ending it has been true.

So, if the Internet is and has always been covered under antitrust and specifically is now under FTC jurisdiction once again, which can otherwise deal with anticompetitive activities, then why was FCC regulation ever needed or wanted in the first place?

Perhaps it was something else in the Title II of the Communications Act that compelled FCC to claim oversight, such as potential downstream regulating of the rates that are charged? Whatever the motive, suffice to say that just because the FCC will no longer be regulating broadband does not absolve broadband providers from having to comply with antitrust law and FTC regulation.

If you can read this article, then ending net neutrality did not break the Internet.

Robert Romano is the Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government.



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While former three-term Republican Mayor Steve Lonegan is heating up an electrical fire in the congressional race against Democrat Josh Gottheimer, another GOP candidate, John McCann, is attempting to ignite the first spark of his campaign. A lawyer based out of Bergen County, McCann has thus far been largely unsuccessful in obtaining any traction in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District contest.

His Facebook page has a diminutive presence; to date, he literally has 234 likes. Lonegan’s Facebook page, on the other hand, has over 16,000 likes.

At the last campaign finance reporting, Lonegan had already raised nearly $600,000. It is believed that he will exceed a million dollars by January.

Most reports indicate that McCann has raised little, if any, money to support his fledgling candidacy. His future fundraising prospects seem equally dim. McCann’s champion, embattled Bergen County Republican Organization (“BCRO”) Chairman Paul DiGaetano, was woefully unproductive in raising money for his own state senate race this past June (he was substantially out-funded by his opponent, who easily defeated him). And he had disastrous results in the BCRO’s fundraising attempts for the GOP freeholder candidates this year; they lost, by a large margin, as well. Most inner-circle Republicans ask – “If the BCRO chairman can’t raise money for the Bergen County candidates, or even his own campaign, how is he going to raise money for John McCann?”

While Lonegan has been an ace in obtaining key endorsements, McCann has rung the joker bell. His only endorsements to date: DiGaetano, the Sussex County Sheriff and, as of yesterday, the Mayor of Woodcliff Lake.

Carlos Rendo, a respectable lawyer from North Bergen, gained some recent name recognition when he was selected by New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno to be her own lieutenant governor companion in her recent gubernatorial race. Rendo, however, was badly bruised via that contest: his ticket received just 42% of the statewide vote – and, per the Bergen County Clerk’s official vote totals,  he even lost in his hometown of Woodcliff Lake.

Nonetheless, Rendo has garnered certain liberal-type acolytes, as he presented a center-left platform in his failed lieutenant governor bid. This appears to be a good fit for McCann, who is often mistaken for a Democrat because of his social and economic views, as well as his public Democrat ties. McCann worked, for several years, for the Democrat Bergen County Sheriff; he left that position this fall.

This past Thursday, Rendo stated on his Facebook page, “After a grueling Statewide campaign, I need to spend time with my family and continue to represent the people of Woodcliff Lake. I do believe that our district needs new representation to fight for tax reform, a restructuring of our immigration laws and someone that places an emphasis on helping working families. On Saturday, I will be endorsing the candidate that I believe will best serve our district.” And yesterday, in Woodcliff Lake, Rendo endorsed McCann. It’s unclear in what direction the Rendo/McCann squad believe immigration laws and tax reform should head; however, many fear it is to the left.

Regarding Rendo’s McCann endorsement, Lonegan Campaign Chairman Kenneth Del Vecchio said, “Carlos and I have a few things in common. We are both lawyers who graduated from Temple Law School in Philadelphia. We both received our undergraduate degrees from Rutgers. And we are both originally from Hudson County. I learned all this by reading Wikipedia.” Del Vecchio, who is almost a decade younger than Rendo, is also an acclaimed filmmaker of over 30 movies that star several Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees, and he is the founder and chairman of one of the world’s largest film festivals, Hoboken International Film Festival. He’s also a best-selling novelist, author of the nation’s best-selling legal books, a frequent legal analyst on Fox News and other networks, and a former judge and prosecutor. So, perhaps, the two men do not have that much in common.

Taking the higher road, Del vecchio added, “The guy was co-chair of Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign in New Jersey. That’s pretty impressive.” Del Vecchio was the chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in New York’s 18th Congressional District and Orange County, New York.

“But I’m very disappointed in any Republican’s choice to support John McCann in this congressional race. Steve Lonegan is, by far, the superior candidate. He has true conservative and freedom-minded ideological convictions. He beat a Democrat powerhouse, Cory Booker, by over 2,000 votes in CD 5 in 2013. The NRCC is already supporting Steve, as well as a litany of national and New Jersey Republican leaders. Steve has become a legitimate conservative rock star. McCann is a wilting flower, germinating noxious anti-conservative pollen into the Republican primary. His candidacy is laughable, in every facet. And the few who have decided to support him are, without doubt, going to see a brutal election beating in June,” Del Vecchio predicated, and then delivered one of his favorite declarations about Lonegan, Trump, and himself, “And that’s because we are veteran-protecting, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life, freedom seeking, sanctuary city eliminating, politically correct smashing, economy boosting capitalists. That’s what the voters want – not plastic, phony politicians.”

To that end, this past week, Lonegan appeared at a sparsely-attended Gottheimer press conference, to deflate the current congressman’s opposition to tax relief for Americans. Notwithstanding the scant onlookers on-hand in the empty-looking room, Gottheimer’s staff sought to stifle Lonegan’s speech and ordered him to leave the press conference; Gottheimer reportedly later said that the event was open to the public and that Lonegan was welcomed. Regardless, Lonegan still was heard, when his Facebook post pertaining to the debacle resulted in 100+ comments and over 300 likes (Lonegan received more likes on this one post than McCann has for his overall Facebook page).

Lonegan stated, “As a candidate, Josh Gottheimer promised that he would cut the tax burden of working New Jerseyans and create jobs. But when given the opportunity, Congressman Gottheimer, who endorsed a governor calling for $1.3 billion in new state taxes, turned his back on New Jersey and voted against the tax reform process…Policy should always come before partisanship. Josh Gottheimer prioritized being a good Democrat over getting something done that will jump start the economy and create jobs. If elected to Congress, no one will ever question my unwavering commitment to bringing tax relief and economic opportunity to working New Jerseyans. The Fifth District deserves better.”

An unabashed constitutionalist who surely is never docile in letting his opinions be known, Lonegan is well aware that Gottheimer – and Democrat powerbrokers nationally – are planning for all out political war against him. The Democrat leadership knows that the Republican party, on a national level, is gunning for this seat and that Lonegan has great strength and popularity in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District. Although Lonegan has stated his confidence in being able to expose Gottheimer as a “true far left, Nancy Pelosi ally with a voting record nearly identical to hers”, he recognizes Gottheimer’s war chest of campaign funds and major Democrat support.

“Unlike John McCann, Josh Gottheimer, albeit his scary socialist brand, is a legitimate political force, with a lot of money,” Del Vecchio said. “We take that seriously. And that’s why we’ve already raised substantial funds, and why Steve, daily, is getting donations from Republicans throughout New Jersey and the nation. It’s why the NRCC provided its Young Guns support for him so early. And it’s why he’s received so many meaningful Republican leaders’ public endorsements already.”

In stark contrast to McCann’s moribund GOP support, Lonegan has netted nearly every major Republican leader’s endorsement in New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District. This large group includes: State Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-Bergen), State Senator Mike Doherty (R-Warren), State Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex), State Senator Joe Pennacchio from Passaic County, State Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24), State Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-Sussex), State Assemblyman John DiMaio (R-23) and State Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23), Sussex County State Committeewoman Jill Space, Warren County Freeholder Richard D. Gardner, and Warren County Freeholder Edward J. Smith.

Lonegan has also been endorsed by one of America’s most popular GOP leaders, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.





By Printus LeBlanc

The U.S. Justice system is in trouble, not just the federal system, but the state and local systems as well. A disturbing trend of politically motivated prosecutions has emerged across the country. Congress has the role of oversight, but many Members, themselves former District Attorneys or U.S. Attorneys, seem hesitant to be critical of the Justice Department. It could be for fear of tarnishing their own legacy while they were a prosecutor, or they don’t want to believe a club they belonged to has gone rotten. Either way, Congress must wake up take a hard look at the U.S. justice system from the point of view of someone being falsely accused by a legal behemoth with unlimited resources.

In one of the most egregious examples of the politicization of justice, the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm launched a succession of John Doe investigations against his Republican enemies. John Doe investigations are special investigations into alleged criminal activity that are conducted in secret. In the investigations, a strict gag order is imposed, and the targets are not allowed to speak about the investigation. It is important to note that a crime doesn’t have to be committed for the investigation to take place, the statute is used to ascertain whether a crime has been committed and, if so, by whom.

The investigations started after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker proposed making Wisconsin a right to work state. The proposal infuriated thousands of union members, including the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s wife, herself a teacher’s union shop steward, conflict of interest anyone. The investigations would take years and include pre-dawn paramilitary raids of volunteers and donors of Walker. Because these were John Doe investigations, the people could not tell their neighbors what the raids were about.

While the victims of the inquisitions could not speak up, that didn’t stop leaks sprouting from the investigators. In 2016, TheGuardian.com published documents from the “secret” documents. An investigation was finally launched by State Attorney General Brad Schimel. Last week, Schimel released a stunning 91-page report recommending contempt proceedings for a prosecutor and eight officials. Just one of the egregious examples of misconduct found personal emails of subjects in folders marked “opposition research.” How is anyone in Wisconsin supposed to trust state justice officials if they use law enforcement for political purposes?

Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry was a victim of the politicization of justice also. When Perry was governor of Texas in 2013, he vetoed state funding for the Public Accountability Office. The agency was overseen by the Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, herself involved in a drunk driving incident. The governor was asking Lehmberg to step down, for obvious reasons. It would be hard for the people of Texas to trust the Public Accountability Office when the people running it have drunk driving problems.

DA Lehmberg refused to step down accusing the governor of abuse of power. The battle would lead to an ethics complaint filed by a non-profit ally of Lehmberg, leading to a special prosecutor. The case would make national headlines and force Perry to spend time and money defending himself. The case would eventually be thrown out, but not after the negative publicity from the case damaged Perry’s run for President.

The misconduct is not limited to state and local district attorneys; the federal justice system is also rife with bad behavior. The late Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) was the target of such an unjust attack.

In 2008, 100 days before the elections, Department of Justice prosecutors indicted the Alaskan Senator on seven counts of making false statements related to gift giving. Stevens would ask for a speedy trial and be granted one. In October of 2008, Stevens was found guilty of seven counts of making false statements.

The story doesn’t end there. In February 2009 a whistleblower came forward with damning claims of prosecutorial misconduct. One of the FBI agents involved in the case had an inappropriate relationship with the prosecution’s star witness Bill Allen. To further complicate matters, the whistleblower alleged Allen also gave gifts to FBI agents and even helped a family member of an FBI agent get a job. The prosecutors withheld exculpatory material from the defense, including witness statements that refuted the prosecution’s case.

A few weeks after the whistleblower came forward, the judge in the case would hold the prosecutors in contempt calling the conduct outrageous. Six weeks later the Justice Department would submit a motion to set aside the verdict and dismiss the indictment with prejudice. At the same time the Department launched an investigation that lasted three years, concluding with a 525 page report stating, “The investigation and prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens were permeated by the systematic concealment of significant exculpatory evidence which would have independently corroborated Senator Stevens’s defense and his testimony, and seriously damaged the testimony and credibility of the government’s key witness.”

Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, authored the book Licensed to Lie in 2015, detailing prosecutorial misconduct in dozens of federal cases. A quick glance at the Robert Mueller-led Special Counsel investigation into the 2016 election, with the multiple conflicts of interest and stonewalling of Congress, scream for another chapter in the book. Congress and Attorney General Jeff Sessions must put their personal feelings aside, and identify rot in the system when they see it regardless if it’s coming from the federal, state, or local officials. People are losing faith in the Justice System and actions must be taken to restore it before it is too late.

Printus LeBlanc is a contributing editor at Americans for Limited Government.






A small town on the edge of Daniel Boone National Forest where Donald Trump won 81% of the vote is still living with hope that an unconventional new president can bring positive change and are making the most of their lives in the meantime.

Leighandra Shouse, a children’s book illustrator who voted for Trump says he’s doing his best. “I’m still hopeful. I don’t think any of the problems that we have is going to be quick fixes, you know?” says Shouse, 50. “I think Congress is standing in the way more than him.”

There have been significant signs of improvement in and around Beattyville. The state recently announced the reopening of a long-closed prison, which will be operated by a private company and provide scores of jobs. The reopening is mostly due to the opioid crisis that has been growing long before Trump even agreed to run for President.

Coal producers are optimistic about Trump’s rollback of regulations on the industry. After falling into a steep decline after 2011, coal production and mining jobs have leveled off in the region over the past year, and laid off miners have even gone back to work.

A ripple of optimism is spreading throughout Appalachia, seeming to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise that the election was “the last shot for the miners.” And many are betting on the once mighty industry regaining its former strength.

Residents also have a renewed hope that the next great natural resource boom might come from another source: The area’s mountains and rivers, just as they are.

An auto repair shop owner in Beattyville, Larry Phillips, voted for and still supports Trump. He continues to have positive thoughts that Trump will bring the coal industry back in time as well. Phillips says to the president’s critics, “You need to step back, hush and let him do his job.” Phillips knows how to be self sufficient and not rely on one man to do everything for him. So he is continuing to make a living by building a few cabins to rent to visitors. He believe’s the town’s economic future can also thrive through tourism. “Tourism should be a lifelong thing here, because what we have to offer will not be leaving.”

The residents say they are up for the task because they know that their economy takes collaboration by the residents and not just through one man. Shouse says, ”The one thing about here is we have to learn to support each other. We can’t wait for somebody to pull us out of a hole.”

Beattyville residents say they’re not waiting to find out what will happen in Washington, regardless of what the tax proposals in Congress or the budget hold. They’re doing what they can to make their town more prosperous and not complaining about it. They are promoting the area to tourists and starting businesses, like the new women’s clothing boutique on Main Street, Hip Chic, and The Art Factory Coffee Shop.

Tara Newman, the proprietor of Hip Chic says, “It’s time that our community is seen in a more positive light and I think that’s what my generation and the current leaders of Beattyville have decided to do.” Newman had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, and decided to open the boutique this past summer. It’s been open since late August. Newman says, ”I think we all just decided to take a chance, and to be accountable for our community. A lot of the people who have opened up these businesses, are hometown people. We see what our town had to offer and we want to move forward.”

Trump supporters in this small town are a wonderful example of true American’s. They know how to stand on their own, they keep a positive perspective refusing to let the media control their lives and their outlook on the world. The know how to make the world around them a better place without expecting someone else to come in and do it for them. They do not blame others for their lack but they stand up and do something about it, humbly knowing who they are as Americans and living peacefully among each other. If more people would take responsibility for their lives, work together instead of apart just like the wise residents of this small town the world, overall, would be a much better place.






One way to cultivate healthy human relationships is to view relationships through the lens of Quantum mechanics.

The linear Newtonian perspective tends to be the common perspective we default to when it comes to relationships. Everything has a cause and an effect, one thing leads to another, according to Newtonian physics. Unless acted upon by ‘another’ object, an object will continue in the same direction (like linear time).

This simply is not so when it comes to quantum mechanics. Things can change directions at any time for no reason and pop in and out of existence with no apparent cause. It’s interesting that we have been living in a quantum world long before we knew of it’s principles. Quantum reality functions very differently from Newtonian reality. The reason we have been experiencing Newtonian laws, is because according to quantum mechanics, we have observed and thus created them as such. In other words, because we witness and interpret relationships in this way we experience linearity, cause and effect, and force creating change.

Even though our brains works in the quantum world somehow we still experience our bodies and relationships through Newtonian eyes. It is our thoughts that create our realities. Yet somehow we continue to create from an old model of physics. When we have expectations and therefore disappointments if things do not evolve according to our liking, we are viewing the relationship as progressing in ‘linear time.’ When we live as if anything could happen at any moment we are seeing a relationship from the quantum perspective. This perspective gives us a level of freedom and detachment that could very much serve the moment currently playing out.

When we count on a person to continue their ‘development’ in a certain direction and then judge them according to the distance they have trod, we are operating from a Newtonian physics perspective. However, to live as if anything could completely change spontaneously at any moment based on nothing more than the joy of experience, we are operating at a quantum level of infinite possibilities. Life and important relationships would be full of potential surprises and gifts of renewal.

If we can recognize that the ‘other’ is simply an extension of our own observation, especially in situations where we experience conflict, we might be better able to create the results of our desiring by being that which we might prefer. We are in fact altering the outcome by our preconceived ideas. If we proceed through a disagreement in an inharmonious and linear way, expecting the other to ‘come around to our way of thinking’ we are actually helping to perpetuate, by quantum standards, that which we reject.

When we believe (and perceive) that we and the ‘other’ are separate, with individual choices, we are operating on a linear plain. Quantum mechanics allows us to have a very different interpretation of relationships. Particles that were once together, though seemingly separated, forever are joined and dance as if they are one. Instead of separation between two individuals, there is unity. In the quantum world, our choice of how to view the moment, therefore affects the outcome of that moment. Whatever we assume is happening, is happening. If we perceive a negative outcome from a fight, it is evidenced. If we perceive harmony, peace and a stronger relationship from a fight, this too is confirmed.

Even if a choice is beneath what is possible we will only experience what we choose to and what is agreed upon collectively (either silently or vocally) at any given time. We can dominate the field with our awareness if we wish to. If we choose to perceive the miracles at hand because we believe the quantum is at work, we most certainly will. If we can act from a place of full responsibility of outcome and stand in the place out side of time, where we are at one with the object of our perception, the ‘relationship entity’, we will always be pleasantly surprised. This is because we have switched to becoming empowered observers instead of fearful victims. The quantum viewpoint will help us manage the unexpected and even less then desireable circumstances because it will never seem as debased in the quantum viewpoint as it most certainly does from our ‘normal’ vantage point.  Quantum mechanics gives us the tools by which to live a higher order of relationship and to release the dramas caused by slavery to linear time. Relationships will be transformed into something more fluid, forgiving and life enhancing, if we believe in this perspective and choose to see the benefits of doing so. Choice and perspective alter the outcome of any situation and we live in a fluid field of possibilities. Therefore, why not elevate our experiences beyond a life lived on ‘default’ and merge into the possible reality where something new is possible, something evolutionary – in our world and in our relationships.



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A man who repeatedly defines himself as a lawyer in his campaign proclamations, John McCann has just been outed as being ineligible to practice law in New Jersey – the same state where he is currently running for Congress, in the 5th Congressional District. On McCann’s campaign Facebook page, which has a grand total of 221 likes, his biography states, “John is a practicing attorney who also serves as General Counsel to the N.J. Sheriff’s Association where he advises Sheriffs across the state on both legal and policy issues.”

Notwithstanding McCann’s declarations, it has been revealed that he is currently administratively ineligible to practice law in the state, for his failure to pay required annual attorney assessments to the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protections – since October, 2012. Accordingly, it appears that he has been prohibited from practicing law in New Jersey for over five years.

Questions are now abounding whether the varied sheriffs he has advised on “legal issues” knew of McCann’s inability to practice law. More so, there is considerable concern that his ineligible status could have ramifications upon cases that he handled while being disallowed from the practice of law.

McCann has flouted publicly, on numerous occasions, that he has served as the attorney for the Bergen County Sheriff, Democrat Michael Saudino. This specific lawyer position has led to additional legal problems for the ineligible barrister.

Legislative District 39 Republican Executive Director Joseph Hakim filed a criminal complaint against McCann on November 16, asserting that McCann committed the third degree crime of threats and other improper influence in political matters, as well as the petty disorderly persons offense of harassment. The complaint specifically states:

“John McCann, a candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, did threaten unlawful harm against Joseph Hakim with defendant John McCann doing such in his capacity as a lawyer for the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department and knowing that he had no legal authority to conduct such investigation, with the purpose to influence Joseph Hakim in an opinion, recommendation, and vote as both a party official, in Joseph Hakim’s capacity as Executive Director of the Republican Party’s 39th legislative district, and as voter, with regard to the 2018 New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District election, wherein defendant, stated to Mr. Hakim, ‘Joseph, I know all things about you. I know what you are about. Parts of my job allow me telling you that I had access to information on any one and I looked you up. That was the benefits of my job,’ making such threat to Joseph Hakim because he does not support defendant John McCann in his candidacy for Congress, in violation of NJSA 2C:27-3A(1).”

Montvale Mayor Mike Ghassali provided a written statement to the police department in Woodcliff Lake, the locale where he said the incident between Hakim and McCann occurred. Ghassali’s statement provides:

“On Saturday Sept. 23, 2017, I witnessed the following at the Wel Tice Community Center at about 9a.m. John McCann told Joseph Hakim that he knows everything about him as his job was the attorney for Bergen County Sheriff. And that he can have access to information to investigate him. Hakim asked if he was being threatened and both got loud. Because Hakim is not supporting him for his run for Congress.”

Obviously, this is not a he-said she-said case, with the incident being witnessed by Mayor Ghassali. The criminal statute, 2C:27-3, provides that a person commits a third degree crime if he:

“Threatens unlawful harm to any person with purpose to influence a decision, opinion, recommendation, vote or exercise of discretion of a public servant, party official or voter…in any public election.”

Per the complaint and witness statement, McCann, in his capacity as attorney for the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department, “threatened unlawful harm” (in conducting an investigation into Hakim with no legal authority) with the purpose to influence his opinion, recommendation and vote as a party official (Legislative District 39 Republican Executive Director) and voter in a public election (the Congress election in the 5th District). As the complaint stated, McCann issued the threat because Hakim “does not support defendant John McCann in his candidacy for Congress”

McCann denies any criminal conduct. A probable cause hearing for the case is scheduled on December 14 at a municipal court located at the Bergen County Justice Center in Hackensack. Hakim is represented by well-known Bergen County lawyer, Douglas Anton. It is unknown whether McCann has representation, but he can legally represent himself despite his current ineligibility to practice law in New Jersey (defendants are always permitted to represent themselves pro se).

Meanwhile, Steve Lonegan, a former three-term mayor and McCann’s GOP primary opponent, has been soaring along with his campaign. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R–Texas), one of the nation’s most respected conservative leaders, endorsed Lonegan two weeks ago. New Jersey state legislators have been lining up to endorse the GOP 5th Congressional District frontrunner, with endorsements already coming in for Lonegan from some of the most popular elected officials in the state, including: State Senator Gerald Cardinale (R-Bergen), State Senator Mike Doherty (R-Warren), State Senator Steve Oroho (R-Sussex), State Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-Passaic), State Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24), State Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-Sussex), State Assemblyman John DiMaio (R-23), and State Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23). At this very early point, Lonegan has been endorsed by nearly every state legislator in the district, with the remaining few legislators likely to come on board soon – as it’s unlikely they would want to miss the train captained by their next congressman.

Senator Cruz proclaimed, “Steve Lonegan is a tireless advocate for our founding principles who has proven his willingness to boldly take his message directly to the people of New Jersey, and I am proud to endorse him to become the next Member of Congress from the Fifth District. I have known Steve for many years, and look forward to working with him to grow jobs, expand freedom, and ensure the security of the American people.”

“Steve Lonegan will go to Congress to cut taxes and create jobs,” Senator Oroho stated. “We need his determination and focus now, more than ever.  That’s why I’m supporting Steve Lonegan for Congress in Congressional District 5, a district Steve has won in the past, albeit for different offices.”

In speaking of Lonegan, Senator Cardinale stated that he “has been a tireless champion of the Republican Party when no one else would step forward to take on the tough battles. I’m pleased to be the first state legislator to announce my support for his campaign.”

And Senator Doherty said, “Steve Lonegan has led the fight for every worthwhile conservative cause in New Jersey for the last two decades. And he’s often been out front when few, if any, in the state legislature were willing to stand behind him. But in 2018, the Republican Party will unify behind Steve to take back the Fifth Congressional District.”

Numerous conservative issue-oriented entities and their leadership have also already endorsed Lonegan, including Ann Kievit, President of the Northwest New Jersey Taxpayers’ Association; Rev. Greg Quinlan, President of the Center for Garden State Families, on behalf of New Jersey for a Conservative Majority; and Alexander Roubian, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has also endorsed Lonegan, granting him the nationally coveted “Young Guns” designation. The NRCC has awarded this designation to just 31 congressional candidates in the United States.

When announcing Lonegan as one of the Young Guns recipients, NRCC Chairman Steve Stivers said, “These 31 candidates are formidable competitors against the liberal agenda of Nancy Pelosi and the left. We look forward to working with these candidates to grow our Republican majority and enact policies that help hard working Americans.”

McCann’s roster of endorsements has been anemic. The Record, a daily newspaper covering Bergen and Passaic Counties has, however, referred to McCann as the “right-hand man” of the Democrat Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino. McCann proudly states that he served as the lawyer for this Democrat sheriff for the last several years (until this fall) – but it appears, for at least part of the time, he had been doing so while being ineligible to practice law in New Jersey.

A lone Republican official in the 5th Congressional District stands out as a supporter for McCann, embattled Bergen County Republican Organization (“BCRO”) Chairman Paul DiGaetano. The BCRO has been floundering for quite some time, with elected officials, county committee persons and Republicans throughout Bergen County complaining that the organization has little, if any, money, as well as no fundraising abilities to obtain monetary support any time soon. Grumblings have elevated to loud criticisms, with additional complaints of all out organizational failures. The once thriving BCRO has been unable to oversee successful Republican elections at the county level for multiple consecutive years.

Additional grievances arose when DiGaetano chose to wage a primary battle against Kristin Corrado in New Jersey’s 40th Legislative District. Corrado ran an off-the-line campaign in Bergen County, along with assembly running-mates Kevin Rooney and Chris DePhillips.  DiGaetano was destroyed in that contest this past June, obtaining only 30% of the vote. Corrado, Rooney, and DePhillips all went on to win in the general election. Many GOP leaders and voters were outraged at DiGaetano’s choice to run in the primary election because they felt it compromised his chairmanship role at the BCRO. They were specifically troubled that his attention was on himself rather than other candidates’ elections in Bergen County—with such self-absorbed focus in direct contradiction to his role as the BCRO chairman. The fact that he was ossified in his race against Corrado caused a further lack of confidence in his leadership.

Problems for DiGaetano became much worse when, for an inexplicable reason to most observers, he chose to support McCann instead of Lonegan in the 5th Congressional District primary. Beyond all of McCann’s legal woes, he is considered less than a moderate Republican; many feel that he is an outright liberal given his pro-choice stance, odd economic agenda, and his very open Democrat ties. McCann apparently also has no fundraising abilities, zero national support, nor any real local support – other than DiGaetano.

This all has metastasized from questions to grave concern from GOP leaders, county committeemen, and voters in the state’s most populated county. It is has led to a ground swell to replace DiGaetano, with Lonegan Campaign Chairman Kenneth Del Vecchio reported to be the choice of many Republican leaders, locally and even nationally, to be the new BCRO chairman. Del Vecchio, who moved back to his native Bergen County this summer after residing in New York for the last four years, had recently been in a top leadership position at the BCRO, as senior advisor. But he left when DiGaetano gave him an ultimatum – either choose the Lonegan chairmanship role or stay with the BCRO and support McCann. Del Vecchio, who defines “loyalty” as the most important word in his dictionary, immediately chose to stick with Lonegan.

A charismatic, but sometimes controversial, figure, Del Vecchio seems to be the natural selection to revitalize the ailing organization. In December 2015, Del Vecchio became the first Congress candidate in the country to endorse Donald Trump for president. Immediately upon his endorsement, Del Vecchio was appointed the Congressional District 18 & Orange County Chairman of Trump’s New York presidential campaign. From there, Del Vecchio was a relentless beast in support of Trump’s candidacy. He personally went door-to-door to over 1,000 households in his congressional district. He appeared on Fox News Channel to herald Trump, and did substantial local media interviews in Trump’s support.

Del Vecchio’s efforts paid off. Trump received 70% of the vote in Orange County and more than 67% of the overall vote in Congressional District 18 in the New York presidential primary. Del Vecchio’s inexorable stumping for Trump helped lead District 18 to being one of the top five Trump winningest congressional districts in the state (and it had the highest vote total of the those top five districts).

In addition to currently serving as chairman of Lonegan’s Congress campaign, Del Vecchio was chairman of Lonegan’s gubernatorial campaigns. Commonly referred to as a modern-day Renaissance Man, Del Vecchio has written, directed and produced over 30 movies that star numerous Academy Award and Emmy winners and nominees. His movies are distributed by industry powerhouses such as Sony Pictures, Anchor Bay, Millennium Entertainment, Cinedigm, and NBCUniversal. He is the author of some of the nation’s best-selling legal books, writing a series of 1,300+ page criminal codebooks for Pearson Education/Prentice Hall and ALM/New Jersey & New York Law Journals. He’s a best-selling criminal suspense novelist, inking out his first book as a 24-year-old law student and then following with multiple others.

Del Vecchio is also the founder and chairman of Hoboken International Film Festival, called by FOX, Time Warner and other media “One of the 10 biggest film festivals in the world.” Additionally, he is a former judge, a former prosecutor, and a criminal lawyer who has tried an astounding amount of cases (in excess of 400); he was noted as the youngest attorney in New Jersey history to try and win a felony jury trial. He’s taught a few thousand police officers and lawyers criminal law at high priced seminars, and he’s been a frequent legal analyst on Fox News and other leading networks.

Del Vecchio, through all of these endeavors, is accustomed to – and extremely successful – in managing large monetary budgets, high level fundraising, overseeing substantial personnel, and major media dealings. His accomplishments over the last 20+ years have been profiled in voluminous press reports. Some notables include the following highlighted feature articles and television appearances:  The Daily BeastFOXCBSCNNNBC“The Colbert Report”Radar OnlineThe New York Daily NewsThe Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times, who wrote “As usual, Mr. Del Vecchio was larger than life.”

Legendary actor Paul Sorvino (GoodfellasNixon) called Del Vecchio “an extraordinary man.” Two-time Academy Award nominee Charles Durning (TootsieThe Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) exclaimed that “Kenneth Del Vecchio would make a great president!” Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts (The ExpendablesThe Pope of Greenwich Village) stated that “Kenneth Del Vecchio is the only judge I ever agreed with in personal conversation. He’s got some great views about freedom and liberty…and he’s a little bit nuts!” TV star Joyce DeWitt (”Three’s Company”) declared that Del Vecchio has “a vision and concept based on excellence and integrity.” Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia (ScarfaceBig) said of Del Vecchio: “The man is honest. Hard-working. Talented. And oh so intelligent.”  And U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer – yes, the top dog Democrat from New York – proclaimed, “Del Vecchio is a man you can see, with the movies he is involved with, with the friends he has, he has a great mind and he also has a big heart.”

Senator Schumer likely was unaware of Del Vecchio’s lifelong, unabashed conservative and liberty-minded stances when he made those complimentary comments. And Del Vecchio is not otherwise without detractors. Much like Lonegan and President Trump, Del Vecchio is said, by some, to have a large ego. His opponent from his 2016 congressional race often remarked that Del Vecchio was “bombastic.” Others have referred to him as brash, tough, hard, and insensitive to liberal views. When once confronted with his critics’ characterizations of him, Del Vecchio whipped, “Jealousy is the worst word in the dictionary.” Then he elaborated, “I don’t understand the concept of jealousy. It’s for insecure losers. I’m happy for others’ successes. And I hope for people to be happy for mine. People, out of weakness, often contrive battles with other people. Oddly, it’s rarely those who have big egos; it’s actually the people with no ego, with no confidence. I can figure out a jealous person pretty quickly, and I cut them out immediately. Jealousy usually goes hand-in-hand with disloyalty.”

An interesting article in Forbes, “Leonardo Del Vecchio and Family”, may shed some light on Del Vecchio and his immediate family. Leonardo Del Vecchio, Kenneth Del Vecchio’s grandfather, is Italy’s wealthiest man, having a net worth of over $21 billion. His eyewear company, Luxottica, owns Ray-Ban, Oakley, Sunglass Hut and LensCrafters. When asked about his relationship with his grandfather, Del Vecchio always demurs or outright denies that Leonardo Del Vecchio is his grandfather, presumably to avoid distraction from other issues. Del Vecchio has declined further comment in this regard.

Del Vecchio also declined to comment on the movement behind him for the BCRO chairmanship other than to say, “I wish the best for Paul DiGaetano. That said, I was disheartened when he chose to stand in isolation with John McCann. It’s a strange choice, given that McCann seems to be nothing more than a disruptive shill for the Democrats. Although McCann certainly has a constitutional right to run, the electorate would rather see all of our energy spent on defeating the socialist-minded and well-funded Josh Gottheimer. In any case, after Steve trounces McCann in the primary, we’ll be primed to proceed to further victories. And that’s because we are veteran-protecting, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life, freedom seeking, sanctuary city eliminating, politically correct smashing, economy boosting capitalists. That’s what the voters want – not plastic, phony politicians.”






In the past week, several fast-moving fires have forced thousands of Californians to evacuate their homes. The fires swept across the southern part of the state destroying buildings and taxing fire crews that have been working for days.

A 4,100-acre fire in San Diego County was only 15 percent contained as of late Friday night. The evacuees told of swiftly encroaching flames that left at least six people injured, prized racehorses dead and dozens of homes in ruins. Resident Paul Anderson left his home in San Diego County on Thursday and said, “I got the ‘Get the hell out of here’ evacuation while four cop cars were rolling around the neighborhood saying, ’Get out!’ ”

There have been several more fires burning in Southern California, including a flare-up near Alpine in Cleveland National Forest and a blaze in Ventura County that has killed at least one person, burned 143,000 acres and destroyed more than 400 buildings — including at least 150 homes. The Ventura fire has been threatening homes from the exclusive enclave of Ojai to the hills of Ventura. Officials said that by late Friday conditions had improved, and they allowed many residents of the cities of Ventura and Santa Paula to return home.

A federal state of emergency has been declared in California and President Trump ordered additional aid be sent to assist them. Trump’s declaration allows federal agencies to coordinate the relief efforts. The Ventura County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the first known, fire-related death this week. The medical examiner said in a statement that the remains of Virginia Pesola, 70, of Santa Paula, were found at the site of a car crash on an evacuation route.

Capt. Israel Pinzon, a spokesman for the state firefighting agency said, “This fire just keeps on going on us.”

Capt. Kendal Bortisser, a spokesman for the state firefighting agency said, “We’re throwing a lot of equipment at this fire right now, both from the air and from the ground.” The size of the fires ranged from eight to 15 acres in the Cleveland National Forest area.

A larger fire broke out near Bonsall where firefighting crews in San Diego County were also contending with. Dianne Jacob the chairwoman of San Diego County’s board of supervisors said, “We’re not out of the woods yet. We need to stay vigilant and be prepared.”