Monday, September 1, 2014


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Medical college opens new campus in Hudson Valley

MIDDLETOWN – Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine celebrated the opening of their new campus at the former Horton Hospital site of Orange Regional Medical Center, with a white coat ceremony for the 135 students that comprise the inaugural class of 2018.

There were about 6,000 applicants to the program. Students were selected through a process that weighed variables such as MCATS scores, college grades, community service, interview performance and some other intangibles.

The new Touro campus opened August 1, the same day students began school.

Jessica Johnson is a member of the first class.

“I am very excited to get my white coat today because it is the start of great journey and I am very excited because I have been working toward this for years,” Johnson said.

College President Alan Kadish said they are excited about becoming a staple of the community.

“This event is a way of marking our partnership with the City of Middletown and with the community in Orange County and the surrounding counties and we look forward to decades of fruitful association, training medical students, engaging in healthcare and working together to build a better community,” Kadish said.

Mayor Joseph DeStefano shares the excitement of Touro College. In addition to the college boosting the standing of the City of Middletown, it will increase revenue to the region and benefit the local economy.

“The regional economy will see about a $20 million injection, there’ll be over 800 jobs,” DeStefano said.  

Touro College, founded in 2007, has a main campus in Manhattan.