Thursday, August 21, 2014


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SUNY campus police receive heroin antidote

PURCHASE – The 12 SUNY campuses will receive state funding to equip college police with Narcan, the life-saving heroin antidote.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman came to the SUNY Purchase campus in Westchester County Wednesday to make the announcement.

“One of the major challenges facing communities all across our state, and in particular, problem for our college communities, is the epidemic of heroin abuse and the abuse of prescription opioids,” he said. “We have seen the tragic consequences of that epidemic over and over again. In just the last few months, two students at SUNY Oswego died from heroin overdoses, two suffered near-fatal overdoses. Last year a graduate student in the Binghamton campus of SUNY died of a heroin overdose.”

Schneiderman said “students are not adults just yet, and our job is to watch out for them.”

The Community Overdose Prevention program is “a powerful weapon in battling heroin and prescription pain pill abuse and the tragic deaths that result,” said Purchase College President Thomas Schwarz. Having Narcan available to college police “will have a profound impact throughout the State of New York, as well as in our local communities.”