Thursday, July 31, 2014


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Search for missing mother, son in seventh month; relatives not cooperating

LIVINGSTON - State Police in Columbia County are continuing their investigation into the December 2013 disappearance of Nicia Wilson, 28, and her son Elijah Wilson, 1, formerly of Cohoes.

The mother and son had been temporary residents of a Columbia County shelter when they inexplicably disappeared in December.  All leads in this investigation continue to be aggressively pursued, unfortunately family members of Ms. Wilson, who currently reside in the Atlanta, Georgia and Albany, New York areas have not been fully cooperative.  

"Family members have insisted that Ms. Wilson and her son are fine, but they refuse to provide us with the information that would allow us to confirm that and close our missing person investigation" said Captain Michael Jankowiak, Zone 1 Commander.  "This case is very concerning because we cannot determine whether the family is harboring Ms. Wilson or whether she and her son were the victims of foul play", Jankowiak said. 

State Police have been in regular contact with Elijah Wilson's father, Ramon Fernandez of Cohoes throughout this multi-jurisdictional investigation but say "it is unfortunate and extremely discouraging that the people who appear to have the information we are seeking do not care enough for Ms. Wilson, or her son, to share it" said Jankowiak. 
Anyone having information regarding this investigation, or the whereabouts of Nicia or Elijah Wilson, are urged to contact the New York State Police at 518-851-3111.