Monday, July 28, 2014


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Good crop growing season and harvest this year, say farmers

KINGSTON – We may have had a cold and snowy winter last year, but that has turned into a good growing season for farmers in the region.

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball said during a Hudson Valley visit last week that the growing season in the area is doing well.

“As I get around here, crops look quite good,” Ball said.  “Fruit generally with a few exceptions and we have had some really odd weather patterns around the state over the last month or so. But, generally speaking, crops look quite good and markets seem to be pretty decent.”

Orange County black dirt onion farmer Christopher Pawelski is quite pleased with this season.

“This year we had a very cold winter and we had a late start this spring, but overall, we have had a couple of heavy rain events but they have been balanced out by some dry spells and we have had fantastic weather for growing season,” he said.

Pawelski anticipates one of the best crops of onions this fall that he has had in recent years.