Saturday, July 26, 2014


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New York Guard conducts emergency supply distribution training

CORTLANDT – Members of the New York Guard, the state’s volunteer defense force, conducted a supply distribution exercise all week as part of their annual training at Camp Smith in the Town of Cortlandt.

This year, 75 members of the state’s volunteer, uniformed state defense and emergency response force, practiced establishing a point of distribution system that could sustain 5,000 people with food, water and other emergency supplies within 12 hours of a natural or other disaster.

The practice ended with a distribution drill on Friday, according to Master Sgt. John Tidona.

“We literally set up a one-lane one lane in and one lane out, where God forbid after a disaster, if you and your family were driving through, as you drove through our distribution point, you would literally be getting supplies, blankets, loaded into your car so you could sustain yourself and your family,” Tidona said.

The New York Guard provides additional eyes, ears and boots on the ground for the New York National Guard in the event of an emergency situation.