Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Schumer calls for replenishing Highway Trust Fund

WASHINGTON – If Congress doesn’t replenish the Highway Trust Fund by the end of the month, roadway and bridge projects in New York and the rest of the nation stand to lose millions in reimbursements.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) said the needed up to $11 billion would keep projects on schedule.

“It would put a huge burden on taxpayers if the state decides to pick up the check and the federal government is unable to pay,” the senator said. “Second, were the Highway Trust Fund to remain in limbo without new funding authority from Congress, there would be a virtual moratorium on new state highway projects and the jobs that come along with them.”

Schumer said the federal funds targeted to build the new Tappan Zee Bridge would not be impacted if the trust fund is not extended.

“The Tappan Zee has already gotten its federal funding, but if they were pursuing other areas of federal funding, it could hurt. We don’t know because they haven’t filled in the blanks on where the rest of the funding is coming from.”

New York’s senior senator is urging all of his colleagues to support continuing the Highway Trust Fund for state projects.