Monday, July 7, 2014


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Nuke plant operator says facility safe, following small earthquake

BUCHANAN – The very small tremor in Peekskill that registered 2.5 at the Lamont-Doherty lab was not even felt at the nearby Indian Point nuclear power plants.

The quake centered a few miles north or Peekskill at mid-morning on Saturday posed no threat to Indian point, said spokesman Jerry Nappi who said a recently updated engineering analysis shows the plan is capable of withstanding an earthquake “thousands of times stronger” that the one that centered in Garrison.

“Personnel at the plant did not actually feel the earthquake and they do work-downs after they were notified about the earthquake and there was no damage because the earthquake was so minor,” Nappi said. “Indian Point was built very strongly to withstand an earthquake literally thousands of time stronger than the one that occurred this weekend.”

Critics of the power plant have long called for its closer and said this is one more example of why it should be shut down.