Friday, July 4, 2014


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Off duty trooper saves man's life

CLIFTON PARK - A23-year old man was working out at the Vent Fitness Center on State Route 146 in the Town of Clifton Park On June 30, at approximately 7:00 PM. After finishing his weight lifting routine he collapsed to the floor unconscious and eventually stopped breathing and began turning blue.
Working out next to the victim was off duty Trooper Seamus Leavey. He immediately began CPR and rescue breathes when he realized what was happening and was able to get the 23 year old breathing again, but only briefly.
An employee of Vent Fitness called 911 and brought the establishments AED over to the victim as instructed by Trooper Leavey. The AED was attached by the trooper at which time a shock was advised and administered, and again followed by continued CPR. Trooper Leavey was just about to give a rescue breath when the 23 year old not only began breathing on his own, but stood up and was walking around when EMS personnel arrived at the scene.
The young man did not realize what had occurred, had no recollection of the event and was transported by EMS personnel for evaluation at a local hospital.
The data in the AED was downloaded for evaluation by the responding EMS squad which confirmed that the administered CPR and AED usage saved the individuals life.
Patrons at the gym, EMS personnel, and data obtained from the AED all confirm that Trooper Leavey’s actions and his calm execution of his knowledge and training for events such as this saved the young man’s life.

Trooper Leavey is a 12 year veteran of the State Police and is assigned as a patrol trooper in Troop G.