Tuesday, July 1, 2014


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State and Town of Greenburgh reach agreement on job applicant screening

GREENBURGH – An agreement has been reached between the Town Greenburgh and the state attorney general’s office that will amend town policy adopted in January that disqualified certain persons from employment with the town bases solely on criminal history.

The policy required the town to review the criminal convictions of any applicant conditionally hired for a town job and automatically disqualifies applicants with certain felony convictions including anyone with a felony conviction within the last 10 years.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the town law violates state law, which requires employers to consider several factors before disqualifying an individual based on his or her criminal record, including the nature and gravity of the conviction, its relation to the duties of the job sought, the amount of time which has passed since the conviction, the age of the applicant when the offense was committed, and any evidence of rehabilitation.

The attorney general’s Civil Rights Bureau opened an inquiry into the town of Greenburgh’s policy after receiving complaints from the Osborne Association, an advocacy organization that works to address the needs of individuals recently released from prison.

In response, the Town of Greenburgh amended the background check policy, bringing the municipality into compliance with the state law.