Tuesday, June 24, 2014


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First West Nile virus pool in state found in Rockland County

POMONA – The first mosquito pool to test positive in New York State this season has been found in Rockland County.

The pool of adult mosquito samples tested positive for West Nile in the Town of Clarkstown from samples collected during the week of June 13.

Mosquitoes can carry several diseases, including West Nile virus and dog heartworm. Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water and they hatch within a few days. Health officials said even the smallest amount of standing water can serve as a breeding site.

A bite from an infected mosquito can spread West Nile virus, an infection that can cause serious illness, and in some cases, death. Although a person’s chances of getting sick are small, those 50 and older are at the highest risk for serious illness.

Persons are reminded to drain all standing water, minimize outdoor activities when mosquitoes; wear shoes and socks, long lands and a long-sleeved shirt when outdoors for long periods of time, or when mosquitoes are most active.

If you are going to be outdoors when or where mosquitoes are active, consider using an insect repellent. Follow directions on the label.