Thursday, June 12, 2014


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Governor announces new efforts to fight heroin scourge

SUFFERN – Acknowledging that heroin use is at epidemic proportions, Governor Andrew Cuomo came to Rockland Community College in Suffern Wednesday to announce a multi-pronged approach to fight the scourge.

The state will double, by 100 troopers, the number specifically dedicated to combat heroin trafficking around the state. It will also launch an educational awareness campaign on public and private college campuses. And it will make available Narcan, the new drug that can reverse the impacts of a heroin overdose.

But, the governor noted fighting heroin use takes an even deeper commitment.

“Heroin is not a problem that law enforcement alone can solve – the troopers and the sheriffs and the Das can’t solve,” Cuomo said.  “The teachers in the education system can’t solve it. It’s going to take all of us and it still starts in the home and it starts with parents and it starts with friends and it starts with neighbors and if you suspect a person has an issue, do something.”

Cuomo was accompanied by top State Police and education officials.

Rockland County Executive Edwin Day, a retired member of law enforcement, said, “We can beat this scourge,” but it will take a multi-faceted effort.