Thursday, June 12, 2014


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Metro-North marks 100 days of progress

NEW YORK – MTA Metro-North Railroad issued its 100-day Report on the Action Plan established by its president on Wednesday. The plan by Joseph Giulietti focused the railroad’s efforts on improving safety, restoring reliability and improving communications.

Of 32 initiatives established in the action plan, 21 have been fully implemented, seven are in progress and two will be pursued after outside entities submit independent reports.

Two more initiatives – implementing a “back to basics” plan for train reliability and service delivery, and communicating service delivery information to customers and elected officials – are ongoing, long-term Metro-North priorities, officials said.

Major improvements have been made in areas including enhancing track inspection and maintenance, installing alerters and video cameras in engineers’ cabs, beefing up the safety and training departments, expanding employee testing programs to ensure understanding of safety rules, creating a computer-based track worker safety system, and implementing a confidential close call reporting system.

The Federal Railroad Administration completed its review of Metro-North practices in May, and its recommendations are incorporated into the 100-Day Report.

Two external reports, from the MTA’s Blue Ribbon Panel and the National Transportation Safety Board, have yet to be submitted, but the railroad has committed to implementing any recommendations from those entities that have not already been addressed.

The reorganization of the priorities of Metro-North stem from a number of accidents last year including a December 1 derailment in the Bronx that claimed four lives.