Friday, May 23, 2014


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Port Jervis man gets 50 to life for killing his girlfriend

GOSHEN – A Port Jervis man was sentenced in Orange County Court to 50 years to life in state prison for killing his girlfriend and then setting their home on fire.

David Stevenson, 39, was sentenced for killing TyRochelle Haughton by striking her with a hammer and slashing her throat several times with a butcher knife. She was the mother of his child.

Stevenson then set fire to the Port Jervis home where they cohabitated with her three children. The victim’s dog also died in the fire.

“This is a start reminder of the horrors of domestic violence,” said District Attorney David Hoovler.   “It has to be dealt with appropriately. When it is caught early, there has to be a rehabilitative process and there has to be a sanction and ultimately, the only goal that I have as district attorney is to make it safe for women and other individuals involved in relationships with people.”

Hoovler urged anyone victimized by that type of crime to seek help from the police and those who partner with law enforcement, such as Safe Homes of Orange County, who provide assistance and support to domestic violence victims, before it is too late.