Monday, May 12, 2014


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Oil pipeline proposed from NJ to Albany

MID-HUDSON – An oil pipeline has been proposed to run from Linden, New Jersey and run all the way to Albany.

One pipe in the dual-line project would bring refined product up the Hudson Valley to Albany while the other line would bring crude product from Albany to Linden’s refineries.

Pilgrim Pipeline project would essentially replace barge shipments of oil on the Hudson River, said company Vice President for Development George Bochis.

“It is probably one of the oldest traveled routes for crude oil movement in the country and still, for the most part, is being utilized as the traditional river barge traffic, which is the most dangerous and least efficient way to move petroleum products, but because it has always been done that way, it has always been done that way, and we are just bringing a new look to it, bringing it up to the modern construction techniques and movement of petroleum products,” Bochis said.

Michael Edelstein, president of Orange Environment, Inc. is concerned about the pipeline proposal, which he said would have the potential for leaking into the environment.

“This oil and gas boom we are having is wonderful in some ways but the downsides of it are really substantial, not the least of which are clinging onto the petroleum and fossil fuel economy and society and the repercussions for climate change and the incredible pollution potential and hazard potential associated with every aspect of this business,” Edelstein said.

The Canaan, CT pipeline company would just provide the vehicle to transport the product, Bochis said.

The 178-mile long, $1 billion construction would require four crews of 650 workers each.