Saturday, May 3, 2014


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Gasoline storage facilities to be established in New York, New England

WASHINGTON – US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz Friday announced creation of two 500,000 barrel gasoline reserve facilities. The move comes following the gas shortage after Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast.

Two reserve locations will be set up – one in the New York Harbor area and the other in New England.

Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY) said setting up the huge gas farms in the region should be a big help in the event of future natural disasters. Superstorm Sandy cause physical devastation along with an immediate gas crunch, he said.

“The gas shortage was immediate and severe. I spent a whole lot of time on the telephone trying to get gasoline up from Virginia, but because there was no gasoline in the metropolitan area, it took as much as 30 days before the gas crisis was averted. In the meantime,” Schumer said.  “it created panic. People wanted whatever gasoline there was.”

Those new fuel farms could be up and running by this summer, Energy Secretary Moniz said.