Friday, May 2, 2014


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Key figure in casino sweepstakes out after revelations of family sexual assault

ELLENVILLE – The same day a revelation of a seven-year-old misdemeanor assault conviction surfaced against Nevele CEO Michael Treanor, the company that hopes to win approval to build a casino-resort at the former Ulster County resort, replaced him.   

Treanor, 48, was reported, initially in the New York Post, then other media,  to have allegedly sexually assaulted his sister while drunk, in 2007.  He pled guilty to the lesser charge.

Treanor did not return a phone call from Statewide News Network on Thursday.

Ulster County Executive Michael Heim said the news is “both shocking and appalling to our community.”

County Legislature Chairman John Parete said that while he does not condone Treanor’s behavior, the Nevele remains a good project.

“Mr. Treanor, I guess, has been the guy that carried the ball that has made it this far and it appears that he had a successful run, but this kind of stuff is just unacceptable to the community. I don’t think it should affect the project,” Parete said.

State Gaming Department spokesman Lee Park said the Gamily Facilities Location Board will review all aspects of the applications, including background, character and fitness of the principals.

State Police will conduct the background checks on the casino bidders.