Tuesday, April 29, 2014


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Metro-North, LIRR to speed up positive train control installation

NEW YORK – The Metro-North and Long Island Rail Road committees the MTA on Monday approved $11.3 million in additional spending to speed up by one year installation of the positive train control system.

The total project for both railroads is $428 million.

Metro-North Committee Chairman James Sedore, Dutchess County’s representative, said the facts have not changed since the original price and timetable with the exception of the fatal train derailment in the Bronx.

Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti told the members from an industry standpoint, the entire industry was unsure where this was going to go, but he said that has changed recently.

“That’s why I would say it was a good measure in November to go and do this,” Giulietti.  “There was also an impetus that was put on because we now had situations that could have been alleviated or potentially avoided by moving this forward, so it’s a good move to go and do it.”  

Following train derailments on Metro-North lines last year, federal authorities have been putting pressure on the railroad to install those monitoring upgrades as soon as possible.