Monday, April 28, 2014


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Severe Weather Awareness Week

ALBANY - Severe Weather Awareness Week in New York State is being observed through May 3, in support of a coordinated national effort to strengthen preparation for the potential of emergencies caused by extreme weather events.

“Extreme weather has become the new reality, and this administration is committed to making New York State as prepared as possible for the next major storm,” said Governor Cuomo, who issued the proclamation. “In just three years, New Yorkers have experienced nine federally declared disasters. Those disasters have taught us valuable lessons, and we are actively learning from them so that we can build back stronger and smarter with the next storm in mind. As we observe Severe Weather Awareness Week, I urge all New Yorkers to make sure they are prepared for any potential weather emergency.”

The national effort coincides with the National Weather Service’s communications exercise that provides governmental, private and volunteer partners the opportunity to practice skills usually applied under stress, and provides public safety and preparedness officials, broadcast media and citizens the opportunity to test methods of receiving emergency weather messages and plans for responding to a weather emergency.

New Yorkers should prepare now to take appropriate steps before a severe weather event.  There are four basic steps to preparedness:

  • Make a Plan - Develop a plan for you and your family at home, school, work and outdoors. Identify a safe place to take shelter and know what actions to take when a warning is issued.
  • Prepare a Kit - Emergency supplies should last 7-10 days and at least include flashlights, a weather radio, and extra batteries. A weather radio is one of the best ways to be aware of dangerous weather – it will receive broadcasts directly from the National Weather Service. Make sure you have a kit for your home and your car. Plan for any medical needs (e.g., medicine) that your family may have, and make sure you keep and maintain emergency supplies for any family pets.
  • Be Informed - Stay tuned to TV and radio stations that broadcast Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages, and follow local emergency orders when issued. You can also receive emergency information via your computer or cell phone by subscribing to NY Alert at, a free service that provides you with critical emergency information when you need it most.
  • Get Involved - Consider a visit to your local emergency management office to learn more about how to protect you and your family. Consider volunteering with organizations such as the American Red CrossNew York Cares, or the Salvation Army. To learn about disaster preparedness volunteer opportunities, visit the Citizen Corps website.

For more information on personal preparedness in advance of potentially severe weather, visit

For more information on Severe Weather Awareness Week, including daily public information statements, please click here.