Tuesday, April 22, 2014


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State police vehicle struck during traffic stop

DEWITT - State Police in North Syracuse are investigating an early morning crash involving a State Police patrol vehicle along Interstate 690 at the I-481 southbound on-ramp in the Town of DeWitt.

Trooper Todd Madley was working a Speed/Move Over traffic safety detail on I-690 when he pulled over a vehicle for speeding.  Both vehicles were off to the shoulder, well to the right of the fog line.  Trooper Madley was sitting, with his emergency lights activated, in a marked patrol car issuing a uniform traffic ticket when he was sideswiped by a car operated by Jeremiah Roebig, 34 from East Syracuse.   . Roebig stated he was looking to move to the passing lane when he drifted to the right striking the patrol car. 

Trooper Madley was transported to North Medical Center Urgent Care where he was treated and released.

Roebig was issued a ticket for Failure to yield right of way to an Emergency Vehicle and Driving on Shoulder (controlled-access highway) both violations.

Motorists are reminded to pay attention to all emergency vehicles on the shoulder, including tow trucks, with its lights flashing ahead. Under these circumstances, motorists are required to move from the lane closest to the emergency vehicle to the next lane over -- if it can safely be done given the flow of traffic.  If drivers are unable to move over, they must slow their cars to a responsible speed and exercise considerable caution to make sure that emergency responders are as safe as possible.