Tuesday, April 8, 2014


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Scammers targeting LIRR ticket vending machines 

NEW YORK - The MTA Police Department is again reminding Long Island Rail Road customers to be on guard when purchasing tickets at LIRR Ticket Vending Machines after the Railroad TVM maintainers turned up evidence that scammers were trying to steal credit and debit card information at Baldwin Station.

MTA Police Chief Michael Coan and LIRR President Helena E. Williams urged customers who have purchased a rail ticket from an LIRR TVM at Baldwin or any LIRR station using a credit or debit car to immediately check with their bank or credit card company to determine if their accounts show signs of unauthorized activity. The LIRR and the MTA Police will continue regular monitoring of TVMs and we ask the riding public to help by keeping their eyes open and reporting any suspicious activity at our stations.”

Last week, LIRR employees discovered card skimming devices and tiny hidden cameras attached to the TVMs at Baldwin during a routine inspection and immediately notified the MTA Police Department. The MTA Police Detective Division is currently investigating the case and has identified a possible suspect.

The MTA Police Department asks anyone with information regarding TVM fraud to contact the MTA Police Communications Division at (718) 361-2247.