Saturday, April 5, 2014


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Upstate police crack down on drivers who pass stopped school buses

TOWN OF HOLLAND - State Police in Troop A participated in Operation Safe Stop, a key component of the highway safety strategy of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.
Troopers are always on patrol responding to complaints and enforcing traffic laws, however, for Operation Safe Stop 2014, Troopers covering eight counties of WNY, were assigned to follow and observe school buses at the stops and cite violators. Four motorists were cited for passing stopped school buses while students were disembarking and 3 other citations were issued for other Vehicle and Traffic Law offenses.
One of the motorist cited was the operator of a tractor trailer traveling on State Route 16 in the Town of Holland, when questioned he stated that he didn’t see the flashing lights in time to stop.

“I wasn’t paying attention, I was playing with the radio”.
Operation Safe Stop is a semi-annual, one day enforcement campaign, which targets motorists who pass stopped school buses while they are displaying flashing red stoplights indicating that students are being dropped off at their stops.