Monday, March 31, 2014


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Crow hunt criticized by Humane Society

PALENVILLE – The top Humane Society official in New York says the annual hunt by the Rip Van Winkle Rod and Gun Club in Greene County is not needed has been criticized by an animal rights group.

Brian Shapiro, the New York State director of the Humane Society of the United States, said the 4th Annual Crow Hunt Event held this weekend was inhumane and served no purpose.  He said these types of hunts have occurred around the state, sometimes targeting squirrels and other times, crows.

“These contest kills serve no legitimate purpose,” Shapiro said.  “It is really just taking wildlife for cash and prizes. It is not for subsistence and it creates a festive atmosphere for just the thrill of killing wildlife.”  

Door prizes were presented and a Mossberg Model 930 Field 12 gauge was raffled off.

Shapiro said there is legislation in Albany that would prevent such events from taking place.

Representatives of the Rip Van winkle Rod and Gun Club could not be reached for comment on Sunday.