Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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Cuomo still leads Astorino by 35 points, according to poll

LOUDONVILLE – Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo leads Republican Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino by 61 to 26 percent, according to a Siena Research Institute survey released by the Siena College.

By a 64 to 28 percent margin, voters said Cuomo has been an effective governor.

This poll provides both good news and bad news for both men, said college pollster Steven Greenberg.

”For the governor, the good news is that he maintains a strong 35-point lead over his likely challenger, he continues to have a strong favorability rating and almost two-thirds of voters think he’s been an effective governor,’ Greenberg said. “The bad news for him is that his job performance rating is the lowest it’s been since November, and for the first time, only a plurality – not a majority – of voters are prepared to re-elect him.” 

For Astorino, Greenberg said, “the good news is that a plurality of voters – 47 to 43 – voters think a Republican can beat Cuomo in this election, and the bad news is that he remains unknown to two-third of voters and among those who know him slightly more view him unfavorably than favorably.”

In other findings in this latest Siena poll, one year later, the SAFE Act continues to be strongly supported by New York voters with 63 percent supporting it compared to 32 percent who oppose it. One year ago, in March 2013, voters supported the new gun law by a 61 to 35 percent margin.

Cuomo’s push for college classes for inmates has majority support. Two-third of Democrats support it while two-thirds if Republicans oppose it, and independents are divided down the middle.