Tuesday, March 11, 2014


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Massachusetts bank robbery suspect arrested in Columbia County

STOCKBRIDGE, MA – A Hillsdale, NY man is in the Columbia County Jail without bail on charges that he robbed the Lee Bank branch at 3 Elm Street in Stockbridge, MA late Monday afternoon.

Christopher Blair, 34, of 75 Upper Hollow Road in Hillsdale was arrested while driving on Route 22 at Route 23 in Hillsdale. Police found $529 in cash on him and when questioned by police in Columbia County, he admitted that he robbed the bank for money to purchase drugs. He told officers that he used some of the money to buy heroin and had used it before being stopped by New York State Police. He also told authorities he was high on drugs at the time he robbed the bank.

Blair is wanted in Massachusetts on charges of unarmed robbery, larceny over $250 and assault and battery.