Thursday, March 6, 2014


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Mount Vernon mayor fuming over racist rants on Twitter

MOUNT VERNON – Racist rants on Twitter following a high school basketball game between Mount Vernon and Mahopac has Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis extremely upset.

The Mount Vernon High School boys’ basketball team defeated Mahopac on February 27 during a Section 1AA tournament.

Following that there were rants on Twitter with racial innuendos about African-American Mount Vernon team players.  On Wednesday, Davis felt compelled to speak out about that.

“Somebody has to stand up and say this is wrong and we will not tolerate that because the more you ignore it, it doesn’t get better,” the mayor said.  “It is a sore that festers and it turns from just a sore into a cancer.”

Davis is outraged by the behavior, which he said was apparently carried out by not only team players, but adults from Mahopac as well.

He said Mahopac school officials are investigating and hope to find out who placed those racial slurs on the Internet.