Monday, March 3, 2014


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Port Authority says it is prepared for what’s left of winter

NEW YORK - The good news is that today’s storm won’t be as big as feared several days ago.  The track of the storm is keeping the heaviest snow well south of the metro area.   Accumulation is now expected to be no more than an inch in New York City, according to Accuweather.   Eastern Long Island may get a bit more.  Areas to the west and north will get little if any snow.

The Port Authority says it is ready to tackle whatever comes.  The agency will deploy extra staff and has assembled snow equipment to handle what forecasters say could be snow and cold temperatures at the Port Authority’s airports, tunnels, bridges, PATH system and seaport.

In advance of this afternoon’s snow, the Port Authority typically deploys extra personnel at all of its facilities to ensure safe travel for its customers, which is the normal course of operation during snow events.  Port Authority staff work around-the-clock in 12-hour shifts.  The airports, bridges, tunnels and PATH have snow desks where key personnel analyze weather reports and deploy staff and equipment.

The agency also may impose speed restrictions on its crossings if weather conditions warrant tonight or tomorrow morning.

For up-to-the-minute updates on Port Authority crossings, airports and the PATH system, travelers are encouraged to sign up for the Port Authority alerts at