Thursday, February 27, 2014


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Drug dealer who fired on DA Task Force detectives gets long prison term

HAUPPAUGE - A drug dealer who opened fire on members of the Suffolk County DA Heroin Task Force on August 11, 2011 at the scene of a drug buy, was sentenced to 23 years in state prison.

A jury convicted Nicholas Hansen, of Farmingville, in December of second-degree attempted murder for shooting at police detectives as they surrounded his vehicle at a Holbrook gas station.  Hansen had four ounces of cocaine in his vehicle.

“The most dangerous treacherous police assignment is the undercover investigation of drug dealers – a fact borne out by the violence that erupted in this gas station parking lot when this defendant got out of his car with his pistol drawn,” District Attorney Thomas Spota said. Hansen emptied his handgun during the exchange of gunfire. His closest target, a New York State Police Investigator serving on the task force, who crouched less than 10 feet away, was not hit.   

Hansen, 23, was also convicted of multiple counts of criminal use of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal sale and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Heroin Task Force was created in 2009.  Its membership includes detectives and investigators from the DA’s office, Drug Enforcement Administration, New York State Police, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s office, the New York State Division of Parole and the Suffolk County Department of Probation.