Tuesday, February 25, 2014


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NY voters split on Common Core learning standards, poll finds

LOUDONVILLE - Voters continue to be divided by the State Education Department’s (SED) Common Core learning standards, according to a Siena College poll.

The poll finds 36 percent saying they are too demanding, 24 percent saying they’re not demanding enough and 23 percent saying they are about right. And division continues on confidence in Common Core standards better preparing students to be college or career ready upon graduation, with 46 percent saying they are confident and 47 percent saying they are not.

By a 50-38 percent margin, voters want implementation of Common Core standards delayed for two years.

By a 62-21 percent margin, voters say they trust SED more than the governor to set education policy, with 13 percent trusting neither.

Pluralities of voters say there is too much testing in schools and that the Common Core has increased state testing. Voters overwhelmingly support the state funding universal pre-K; a majority saysthey are willing to pay more in taxes to fund universal pre-K; however, a majority of voters would prefer to see existing school programs receive additional funding prior to focusing on universal pre-K