Saturday, February 22, 2014


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City’s rejection of parking meters could mean layoffs

POUGHKEEPSIE – City officials have started the process of looking at layoffs to close a $1 million budget gap since the Poughkeepsie Common Council Thursday night voted not to fund parking meters on Market and Main streets.

Revenue from those meters was included in the 2014 budget, but the council failed to garner enough votes to pay for the devices.

As a result, Mayor John Tkazyik and Council Chairman Robert Mallory met Friday after which Mallory said they have no choice but to begin looking at 20 to 25 layoffs, but from which departments remains to be seen.

“We do have unions involved and there are bumping rights, so I am not too sure what that is,” Mallory said.  “I know the city will be in contact with Dutchess County, which lets us know what tier we can work out of. I am not too sure what departments will be affected because there are bumping rights. Those that we are able to lay off may be moved to another position and someone else might have to be laid off.”

In order to satisfy Moody’s Investor Services, which is monitoring the city’s credit rating, Mallory said the cuts would have to be made quickly.

His hope, though, is that those common council members who voted against funding parking meters change their votes and approve them at the next session.