Saturday, February 1, 2014


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Sullivan County man gets life without parole for killing his wife

MONTICELLO – A Sullivan County Court judge sentenced Paul Novak to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus 20 to 60 years for killing his wife in late 2008 and setting her Tusten home on fire.

Novak’s attorney sought to have his conviction overturned, but the judge rejected that motion and sentenced Novak for killing Catherine Novak, 41, on December 13, 2008. Her body was discovered in the charred remains of her home.

Novak, 47, was convicted last September by a jury of first- and second-degree murder, burglary, arson and insurance fraud. He collected over $451,000 in insurance money.

“He will never get out of prison,” District Attorney James Farrell said.  “The actions that he took here were cold, they were calculated, they were deliberate and they were premeditated and they were done with a malice of forethought.”

Farrell’s office recommended that he never see the light of day. The judge agreed.