Saturday, February 1, 2014


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Bill would repay taxpayers for second primary election

ALBANY –State Senator Cecelia Tkaczyk (D, Duanesburg) proposed a measure for the state to reimburse local governments for the cost of a second primary election.

Her call comes in the wake of the federal courts forcing New York to move its congressional primaries from September to June. State and local primaries are still held in September that, said Tkaczyk is costing taxpayers millions for every two-year election cycle.

“This state should not be in the unconscionable of wasting $50 million of taxpayer dollars and preventing military members from having their ballots counted, but if the senate’s coalition leadership refuses to act, then we should not force taxpayers and local governments to pay for another wasteful mandate, which is why my legislation to have the state reimbursed for those costs for the additional primary day needs to pass,” Tkaczyk said.

Ulster County Democratic Elections Commissioner Victor Work said in 2012, the federal primary in June cost the county $72,600 and the state primary in September cost another $62,400.

“Having more than one primary is a wasteful expense, especially when we are trying to reduce mandates and property taxes,” Work said.